Most Improved Athlete – June 2021

When Keila started at Sand & Steel Fitness – I told her she wasn’t strong enough to hold a barbell.

When Keila started Sand & Steel Fitness – I had to buy her special 2.5-pound dumbbells so they wouldn’t hurt her elbow.

When I placed Keila in the Beginner Class – She told me that wasn’t good enough for her.

👀 Well Look At Her NOW

YouTube video

@keilita_medina — you embody everything Sand & Steel stands for — it’s about persevering when the odds are long, it’s about listening to your coaches even when you don’t want to, and fighting back when that Rx’d CrossFit workout is beating you down.

Keila you are my dark horse bet to win it all at the #PridePairUpThrowdown – I can’t wait to see how it goes down. $75 worth of rewards points have been added to your loyalty account. Thank you for being such a positive force in our community. -Coach @paul_sscf

One More Thing — You are hereby officially promoted to Intermediate CrossFit Rank. Congratulations on all you have achieved. KEEP IT UP!

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