Most Improved Athlete May 2021

Presenting your May 2021 Most Improved Athlete Rebekah Bakewicz. Rebekah takes Personal Training twice a week and attends CrossFit classes on a regular basis. We wanted to take a minute to recognize all the hard work and massive improvements she has made. After all, as her coach we can only show her how to lift and set the programming, it’s her who has to put in the work and keep coming even when she feels like quitting.

No one is tougher than Rebekah … I set the standard and Rebekah shows up every time.

-Coach Paul

“Rebekah has shown tremendous improvement in all her lifts,” Coach Brian.

“Rebekah is such an inspiration- she shows up with passion and positivity. Consistency leads to excellence — and that is where Rebekah is heading,” Coach Ira.

Thank you for inspiring so many women at Sand & Steel. And congratulations on all you have accomplished. Keep Shining.

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