OCR and Trail Running Gear List

Paul’s Picks for trail running and obstacle course running. After 50 runs, here are my current favorites.

Do you represent a running company that didn’t make my list? Contact us on Discord, we are happy to check out your product. If we like it, we will add it to the list below.

Trail Running Sneakers

Brooks Cascadia 16, Saucony Peregrine 11, Hoka Speedgoat 5, or Salmon Speedcross 5. I have all four of these sneakers and I like them all. Each has their own advantages depending on the trail.

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Gaiters – Keep the Mud Out

Moxie Gaiters. Trying these out this June. Update… these are legit. No problems running with multiple shoes. Looking forward to trying them out in a spartan race soon.

Speed Laces

Never have to tie your shoes in a race again. Very useful for quick adjustments. Nathan Speed Laces.

Running Socks

Darn Tough makes the best running socks in my opinion. Either go for the full over the calf design or get some Calf Sleeves too.

Calf Sleeves

Reduces fatigue, protects from bugs and bramble. Zenshah makes my favorite sleeves.

Running Shorts

Brooks Sherpa or Adidas Terrex Men’s Core Agravic 2in1 Short
I like the fabric and lack of chaffing on the Adidas, but the pockets on the Brooks Sherpa Can’t be beat. I really like the new Salomon S/Lab Shorts… but they are pricey.


The Sand & Steel OCR Running shirt of course!

Hydration Pack

Nathan Hydration Vest or Ultimate Direction 6.0 Vest. Been running with Nathan for 6 months… it’s excellent. Looking forward to trying the new Ultimate Direction Vest this summer. Ultimate Direction update… it’s a good vest with lots of pockets and function. The actual vest itself from Nathan is better and it locks onto your body. The Nathan is much hotter though. Ultraspire makes some breathable vests like the Momentum 2.0.

Hydration Belts

For shorter runs, I like the Nathan Hydration Belt. For longer runs with more stuff, I choose the Speedgoat 3.0 from Ultraspire


150 ML Running Gu Flask and 600ML Preworkout and BCAA Flask. Hydrapack makes better flasks than whatever your vest came with.


Saltstick Chews and Nuun Electrolytes. For long hot runs you need both.

Energy Shot

Gu Energy. One shot for every 30 minutes you plan to run.


Running at night? Pick up a Biolite headlight or ultraspire waist light. Both work flawlessly with simple setting, little weight, and no bounce. 200-300 lumens is good for regular trail runs at night. You need something brighter only if you are racing at night.

Running Cap

Halo makes the best caps I’ve tried.


Body Glide or Nut Butter. Seriously… you need this stuff.

Chalk for Obstacles

Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

Recovery Drink

Whey Protein Isolate

Shoe Dryer

Your sneakers are going to get muddy that’s just how it is. You’ll need a brush to clean them and a shoe dryer to dry them. If you don’t dry them, they’ll mold and fungus. Plus the water breaks down the adhesive. I have a Peet’s Shoe Dryer and it works flawlessly.


I run in the Oakley Jawbone which has replaceable lenses.

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