Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Private Training provides you two-way, interactive, video coaching on workouts individually crafted for you to do in your home gym or living room. It’s Virtual Private Training using your custom workout program with your personal home exercise equipment.  Just book a virtual personal training session on the date and time of your choice. Or if you prefer to workout alone, you’ll have a complete copy of your workout plan a week in advance through our SugarWOD app.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual Fitness Classes are live, interactive, two video classes featuring Yoga, Bodyweight Metcon, and Beyond Stretch.  All the workouts can be done with no equipment in your living room or your basement.  We offer three different types of classes: Yoga, Bodyweight Metcon, and Beyond Stretch.  You will be able to talk with coach, see other members, and speak with other members through your phone, tablet, or laptop.  You will be provided with the virtual workouts a week ahead of time through our SugarWOD App in case you want to do them on your own.

Exercise Library and Database

Exercise Library

Get Complimentary Access to our entire library for use any of Workout Plans and Programs.  Over 900 exercise videos professionally demonstrated by Sand and Steel coaches.  If you like this resource, please consider donating.  It’s your donations that have made this exercise library possible.

Home Workout Plans

Home Workout Programs

We offer 5 Different Home Workout Programs that you can do in your home gym, work gym, or commercial gym.  Simply Fit & Burn30 are you minimal equipment options — great if you are working at home.  The Strength & Conditioning Workout Program provides you with a foundational strength training program 7 days a week.  CrossFit GPP offers you a full scale CrossFit training program 7 days a week.  Powerhouse offers an elite training program with 2 hour workouts for those serious about making positive change.  Finally our Complete Package offer all 5 workout programs for one low price.

Active at Home

Active At Home Workout Plans

Individually crafted workouts designed for you by Dawn and Paul. We hand build each workout based on your goals, health, and fitness assessment. You specify what equipment you want us to use in building your workouts. We include telephone, email, and video support. We provide video demonstrations for any exercise that is new to you. We provide form checks to help keep you safe. You get a free a SugarWOD subscription with your membership so that you can log your workouts. Your coach review your workout logs and updates your program based your progress.

Unlimited Pack

With the Unlimited Pack you get Unlimited Classes and Unlimited Open Gym. We offer strength classes, conditioning classes, and stretch based classes. For open gym, we have exclusively Rogue Fitness and Elite FTS strength gear. We have Woodway treadmills, Keiser Spin Bikes, Ropeflex rope pulls, and much more. We have showers, changing rooms, and user adjustable jukebox so you enjoy your favorite tunes.

30 Day Beginner Workout Routine

30 Day Beginner Workout Routine

30 Day Beginner Workout Routine.  Build a foundation of strength and conditioning with our 30 day plan. Includes a warmup, workout, and stretches.  Excellent for beginners, but easily scaled to more advanced athletes.

ACFT Army Combat Fitness Test Training Plan

ACFT Training Plan for the Army Combat Fitness Test

Imagine if a personal trainer with 28 certifications and a decade of experience in CrossFit, Mobility, and Personal Training built a training plan to help you pass the ACFT.  Imagine you can hire him one-on-one to train you?  What if that same coach poured over 80 hours into reviewing all aspects of the ACFT, and custom-prepared a workout plan designed to help you pass.  Well imagine no more, because our ACFT Training Plan and Training Program is available now.

Open Gym Membership Alexandria

Open Gym

Welcome to Sand and Steel’s boutique powerlifting, CrossFit, TRX Open Gym Service. Our Open Gym Service has 8 People per Hour with Online Reservations. Featuring brands like Rogue Fitness, Woodway, and Keiser, we provide a premium grade lifting facilities for CrossFitters, Personal Training, and Powerlifters.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning sessions are designed for members interested in improving their overall fitness. Our Strength & Conditioning sessions are designed to increase muscle tone, strength, and burn a lot of body fat. They are great for beginners because they incorporate longer warm-ups, practice on technique, and dedicated time for stretching at the end.

Paul Roberts Personal Trainer Yoga Teacher Alexandria VA Springfield VA

Celebrity Trainer

Our Celebrity Trainer Service offers the same personalized results you see on tv.  It’s a customized combination of Personal Training, Private Yoga, Mobility TuneUp, and Nutrition Coaching.

Starter Pack Group Fitness Classes 4 Pack

Starter Pack Group Training

We offer CrossFit, Powerlifting, Conditioning Classes with TRX & Kettlebells, Sports Performance, Yoga, Functional Training, & Mobility Classes.   We design our fitness classes so that they are safe for new members, but tough enough to challenge our long term members. Special attention is paid to fundamentals and quality of movement.

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