Mobility, Flexibility, Yoga, and Guided Partner Stretching

Mobility vs Flexibility vs Yoga vs Stretching

I am assuming you are already convinced on the importance of exercise.  And if you scroll down a bit, I will break down the differences between mobility, flexibility, yoga, and stretching in careful detail.  Without sufficient mobility you cannot be all that you wish to be.  This applies whether your chosen craft is golf, strength training, CrossFit, or endurance running.  You are not as efficient as a runner, you are more likely to get injured as a golfer, you are slower in CrossFit than you ought to be, and as a power lifter your recovery times are slower.

Mobility is critical for all sports and physical activities.  Period.

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Functional Movement Systems Book Review

Functional Movement Systems Book Review

The Functional Movement Book Review

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This book provides an overview of the research and history that Gray Cook and Brett Jones sells at  While dated, the techniques explained for the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment SFMA are really the same today as they were then.

In this review, I am not going to cover the FMS or SFMA components that are discussed in the book.  The reason being is that there is ample discussion of these two services from the hundreds of people who have taken the certifications.  The book does cover more than just the FMS and SFMA, and that’s the parts I am going to discuss.  In addition, if you don’t have the cash to pay for the FMS or SFMA certifications, this book does provide a very detailed explanation of how to perform these techniques.

Functional Movement Systems: map dysfunctional movement patterns, note asymmetry, limitations, and inabilities.

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