Territory Foods Power Supply – Meal Review

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Territory Foods Power Supply – Meal Delivery Service

Features local made healthy alternatives to comfort classics like meatloaf, chicken waldorf, buffalo chicken and more.  Territory Foods (originally Power Supply) is a Virginia based company that recently received some funding to make it more of a national brand.  Unlike many prepared meal services, Territory Foods are prepared fresh twice a week for you.  For most customers, they pick up the meals at a gym such as Sand & Steel Fitness.  Their on-line ordering process allows you to pick your meals the week before.

Taste: Very hit or miss.  We find some meals to be excellent, and some taste terrible.

Customer Service:  Territory Foods is good at accepting returns on their food if a customer doesn’t like it, but they don’t have a strong feedback program.  They aren’t really engaged with their customer base like they should be.

Health:  How many stars really depends on the standard you are judging by.  It’s better than what you’ll get a restaurant for sure.  It’s better than most frozen meals.  The macros aren’t balanced according to leading ratios (such as zone or precision nutrition).  Typically, the fat is way too high, and the kind of fat is mostly saturated.

Convenience:  The food spoils quickly (since it’s fresh).  If you are very consistent about how you eat, this may save you time.  If their food quality was better, it would be much more convenient.  Sometimes I have to throw out my meal because it doesn’t taste good, go purchase a second meal (or skip lunch if I don’t have time), and request a refund.  That’s not convenient.

Cost:  Power Supply Territory Foods costs $8-$12 per meal.  So you’ll see a monthly bills of $200-$300.  Our customers often find that expensive, but food prices in Virginia are expensive, so you’ll pay that at most places unless you are buying fast food.  In Old Town Alexandria, Chipotle, 5 Guys, and Sweet Green are my personal goto destinations.

Bottom Line: Power Supply / Territory Foods doesn’t require long contracts.  It’s not difficult to setup.  Switching to their meal plan may be enough by itself to help you lose weight if your diet is poor already.  If you always skip lunch or breakfast because you are too busy this is a nice option.

Second Thoughts: At Sand & Steel we have a lot of loyal Power Supply Territory Foods Customers.  I wouldn’t say any of them absolutely love the food, but most feel like it’s worth it, because without the service they would be eating worse.

And Just a bit of Misleading Advertising

Hey, I am not going to call out Territory Foods for staging their food shots (oh wait, I guess I am). If you look on their website you’ll see beautiful pictures of perfectly crated foods. But when you actually get them delivered… well they don’t quite have the same look.  On the plus side, you get the volumes they promise (they don’t skimp on the expensive ingredients.)  Companies have been staging their food shots for years, so this shouldn’t be a big deal.

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