Weight Loss Meal Plan Healthy Eating

fruit_icecreamFactors we used in building Dawn’s Weight Loss Meal Plan included:

  • Carbs, Fat, Protein need to have an oscillating ratio,
  • Transfat, Saturated Fat, Unsaturated Fat, and Polyunsaturated Fat need to be balanced,
  • Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 need to be balanced,
  • Glycemic Load and Glycemic Index of starch and sugar needs to be analyzed and selected,
  • Soluable Fiber and insoluable fiber needs to be analyzed,
  • Requisite amounts of antioxidants are needed,
  • Anti-inflammatory foods need to be selected,
  • Soluable fiber and sugar levels need to be controlled,
  • Phylates, key minerals, micronutrients, and flavanoids need to be analyzed and included in the diet,
  • Improvement of the diet with recommended supplements should be simple.

Weight Loss Meal Plan Details:

  • Scalable to different people;
  • Sustainable for the long term, while effective in the short term,
  • Adaptable for individual food tastes without any “must-have foods,”
  • To include new recipes to make the foods interesting,
  • Flexible enough to work with people that travel.

Dawns Meal Plan Day 1

Quaker - Oats, 0.5 cup15027350m0m14
Egg Whites - Egg Whites, 0.5 cup5000100m160m00
Vital Greens - Phyto-Nutrient Superfood, 2 heaped teaspoons (10 grams)364040m50m02
Spinach - Spinach, 1 cup71010m24m01
Flax usa - Golden Flax Seed, 1 fluid ounce705530m5m04
Kroger - Ground Beef 93%, 4 oz170082370m75m00
Giorgio - Cooked Button Mushrooms, 0.5 cup, pieces305030m15m22
Onion - Onion, 0.2 onion (medium)82000m1m10
Sweet Potato, Baked - Sweet Potato Baked In Skin, 1 small potato18041040m72m137
Tilapia - Tilapia, 4 oz100032040m75m00
Morrison - French Green Beans, 1 cup4711030m445m25
Oil, avocado, 1 tbsp12401400m0m00
Kale, raw, 1 oz(s)142010m11m11
Weis - Yogurt, 0.5 cup458033m45m60
Quest Bar - Quest Protein Bar Chocolate Brownie, 60 g170227205m260m115
Kirkland - Salted Almonds, 0.13 cup853830m48m12
Apples - Apples, 1 medium apple8022000m0m165
Metrx Whey - Protein Powder, 1 scoop120322270m85m10
SupplementsNow Multi-vitaminFish OilCinnamon BarkOdorless GarlicTumeric CapsuleGlucosamine SulfateGreen Tea Extract
This is a weight loss meal plan designed to allow Dawn to cut about 25% of her excess body fat in 6 weeks. We generally recommend having at least three different model days in your meal plan to help prevent nutrient deficiencies. Nutrient deficiencies can derail your metabolism and can hurt your immune and recovery systems. Additionally, meals plans are like training programs -- you aren't supposed to stay on the same one indefinitely.
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