CrossFit Workout Sneakers

Looking for a good pair of CrossFit sneakers or Powerlifting shoes (lifters) for your next workout?  This quick guide will answer all your questions.

This article is out of date, please see our 2023 CrossFit Shoe Guide for the latest.

CrossFit Sneakers

Best Shoes include: Reebok Nanos, Nike Metcons, Nobull trainer, and Innov8 F250, F260, F270.  CrossFit sneakers balance the stiffness required for Olympic lifting, the versatility for jump rope, and the flexibility to do most exercises safely.

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For powerlifting and Olympic lifting, CrossFit shoes are adequate, but there are better options.  Adidas Powerlift and Nike Romaleos are examples of sneakers designed for powerlifting.  Some lifters choose the Converse All Stars (Chucks).  Specialty lifting shoes (aka “lifters) are very useful for our Strong class.  Whereas CrossFit sneakers are better for our CrossFit class.

Vibrams, Yoga Socks, and Barefoot Training

Most CrossFit classes can be done without any shoes at all.  Kettlebell and powerlifting classes often benefit from not having any sneakers.  Olympic lifting is best done with lifters or barefoot.  Working out without shoes helps you build the intrinsic muscles in your feet.

Running Sneakers

Conventional running shoes (e.g. Rockport, New Balance, Saucony) are TERRIBLE for CrossFit, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting.  They are designed to absorb impact from running — that’s why they are called running sneakers.  Certainly, you can use running sneakers on our Woodway treadmill work, Rogue echo bikes, Concept 2 Rowers, and other cardio, etc.  But other than cardio, you don’t to wear running sneakers when weight lifting.

If you wear running sneakers for CrossFit, you are likely to develop knee pain and injuries.  Running sneakers will certainly decrease your maximal power output.  You shouldn’t play soccer with running sneakers, you shouldn’t run races in basketball shoes, and you shouldn’t CrossFit with running shoes.

The more cushion the running shoe has (like Hokas and trail running shoes), the worse the sneakers will be for powerlifting.  Whereas minimal running sneakers are not quite as bad.  Lifters have a very solid bottom.  This better transmits power to floor which helps you lift better.

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