Dani Simcic: CrossFit Coach

Education & Fitness Certifications

  1. Bachelor’s of Science – Political  Science from East Stroudsburg University
  2. Master of Art- Higher Education Administration from Rowan University
  3. CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  4. First Aid, CPR, and AED Certified

As a self proclaimed life long learner, I strive to reach greater levels of understanding of the benefits of functional movement. All in efforts to best serve the needs of my clients. My greatest joy is having a positive influence on my community through helping others improve their strength, mobility, and self-confidence. Therefore, I will always be learning and doing my part within this community. 

My Passion:  I aspire to help my clients channel their stress, anxiety, or general frustration into productive applications of force; resulting in improved strength, power, and mobility. And ultimately, adding longevity to their lives.

My Experience: 
I am a Higher Education Professional with 10 years of experience working in college and university settings. Working in education can be stressful at times and it wasn’t until I was transitioning out of my first professional job that I noticed the toll that stress was taking on my body. I found that I was eating and drinking in excess to avoid dealing with stress and anxiety. I had reached my heaviest weight of 315lbs and was feeling lost. I didn’t want to carry the stress and anxiety from my former position into my new one. 

Thankfully, a very good friend recommended CrossFit; it was love at first lift! In the first 2 years, I lost over 100lbs and gained a new community of support. Please know, weight-loss has never been my goal rather relieving stress and anxiety and feeling comfortable in my body was always at the forefront. I encourage my clients to embrace body neutrality and the concept that you can have your favorite foods and still meet your health and wellness goals.

You may or may not consider yourself athlete, but that is okay because I will always design and utilize the best programming and modalities for you.

Your Certifications

Coach Dani's CF-L1 Certificate

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