Mace Ball Training – Techniques and Workouts

Welcome to Sand and Steel Fitness Mace Ball Tutorial and WOD

Today we are going to demo some Mace Ball movements including a full youtube demonstration, and then we’ll discuss how you can get a free personal training session just from reading this article.

YouTube video

The Movements that are demoed in the video include:

  1. The Barbarian Squat;Paul holding a Mace
  2. The Dynamic Curl;
  3. The Gada Swing;
  4. The 10 – 2 Swing;
  5. The through legs overhead lunge;
  6. The Spear Thrust;
  7. The upright row; and
  8. The Walkdown

There are lots of workouts once can do using only a Mace Ball.  In the video we feature a three part WOD that takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Workout of the Day (WOD) April 5, 2015

Sorinex Mace BallA) AMRAP for 10 minutes
20 Barbarian Squat
30 Alterating Through the leg Lunge

B) AMRAP for 10 minutes
20 Dynamic Curl
30 Upright row

C) 100 Gada Swings (switch direction every 10 rotations) (5 Minute Time Cap)

Why the Mace Ball Works:

Sorinex Mace Paul 3The Mace Ball works by having and assymetrical load, creating a lever action. The off center load causing and increase in the actual load your arms and shoulders have to support. In particular, your grip get really taxes while using it.

Depending on far off center you hold the Mace Ball, a 15 pound Mace Ball can easily have effective load of 45 pounds. This allows different weights to be used with the Mace Ball simply by adjusting the grip position

The Mace Ball walk down is a challenging move because the base tends to slide. I recommend using a mat in case you fall.

Is it a must have?

Sorinex Mace Ball 4

No, but it’s still a very good piece of equipment. You can use in place of sledge hammer. In addition, it’s a fairly unique piece of equipment. It has some similarity in terms of function to the Vipr and surge. The assymetrical nature of the resistance is similar to the Rip Trainer, but the direction of the force is completely different (force from Mace is down and force from Rip Trainer is dorsal and ventral.

It’s uniquely a really solid grip burner, and in comparison to other full body workout tools out there, few items scorth the forearms worse than the Mace Ball.

Would I buy it again?

The Mace Ball featured in this video is from Sorinex, but other companies such as Rogue also make them.  If you buy one, be sure to pick up some lead shot so you can adjust the weight.  As for the specific mace ball I purchased from Sorinex, overall I am happy with it.  It’s not the most handsome looking piece of equipment, but the powder coat is well down, and the tool is balanced.  I doubt it’ll ever wear out.  I’ll probably buy some additional ones for classes at Sand & Steel.

Free Class!!

Looks like you read the whole article, and we appreciate that.  If you’d like to claim your free Mace Ball personal training session, just leave us a comment on this page, and we’ll reach and schedule the session with you.

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