Monika Ljungquist Yoga Teacher

“Monika is a Rockstar Yoga Teacher.  Exceptionally talented, and well-educated, Monika is one of the best Yoga Teachers I have had the pleasure to work with.  Monika has the ability and knowledge to work with members having various injuries and different abilities.” – Paul.  SSF Owner.

Monika – Registered Yoga Teacher ERYT 500

Yoga Teacher – Various Disciplines: Hatha, Recovery, Vinyasa

  • Ashtanga yoga primary series: 2010 David Svensson, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Yin yoga teacher training: 2010 Lunds Yoga Skola, Sweden
  • Pre and postnatal yoga training: Karin Bjorkengren Jones, Båstad, Sweden
  • Swedish massage and trigger points treatments: 2010 Friskvårdsgruppen, Lund, Sweden
  • Bachelor in nursing science, registered nurse in Sweden: 2013 Lund University
  • Yoga teacher ERYT 200 Yoga Alliance: 2012 Alan Finger, Sarah Platt-Finger, Ulrica Norberg and Katrina Repka, Stockholm, Sweden
  • DOULA training: 2013 Goteborg, Sweden
  • Teacher training in restorative yoga: 2014, Stockholm
  • Ayurveda lifestyle coaching certificate: 2015 Markaryd school, Sweden
  • Chakra yoga training: 2016 Katrina Repka and Ulrica Norberg
  • ERYT 500, ISHTA yoga: 2015 Alan Finger, Sarah Platt-Finger, Ulrica Norberg and Katrina Repka, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Integrative nutrition health coach: 2019-2020, IIN, New York
Monika Yoga Teacher eryt-500

Monika has passion for health, health prevention and sharing it in other to promote health of individuals and groups. She lived her dream of having a health centre for past 10 years by managing her own yoga centre in Lund, Sweden. She taught private and group classes (mainly in hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga and restorative yoga but also yoga for pregnant and postnatal yoga for past years.) She also hold teacher trainings together with her husband past 4 years. She coached private clients with yoga and ayurveda and she loved it. Leaving everything behind, she is ready to deepen her knowledge  and is happy for opportunity to do so at Sand and Steel Fitness. Monika will love to share yogic tools with you, which she also found very useful in her everyday life, as a yoga teacher but also mother of three kids.

Monika's Classes and Private Lessons

Alignment Hatha Flow:

Alignment hatha flow is a well rounded open level class which make you awake and ready
for a new day. It includes a soft sequence to open up your body and releases tension which
flows into strength and stamina building sequence to make you strong and more focused
during the day. Pranayamas (breathing techniques) are also included in order to
enhance/create a balance in your body & mind.

Hatha Energy Flow:

Hatha energy flow yoga is a dynamic open level class. The sequence is about to bring a joy
and fire in you to feel strong both physically and mentally. There is a structure which include
whole body workout in a steady flow with focus on body alignment which help you to gain
more balanced body & mind.

Peak Pose Yoga:

The peak pose class is private class designed for you who need to focus on a specific area
of your practice, either it is your physical body you want to develop strength and/or balance
in or if you need to deepen your practice of breathing or would like to learn to explore
relaxation or meditations techniques. We can focus on backbends, forward bends, twists,
inversion, but also on relaxation (with yoga nidra and restorative yoga) and pranayama
and/or meditation techniques suitable for you.

Flow With Monika

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