Online Personal Training for Seniors

Online Personal Training is a great solution for seniors that want to work out at home. Paul sits down with Julia to discuss her experience with Sand & Steel’s Online Personal Training program for seniors.

Julia on Online Personal Training for Seniors

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I‘m really dependent on at least one ideally two sessions of a workout each week.  Not being able to go to the gym was a real bummer.  The Online Training has really worked out well.  It Keeps my motivation level up.  I’m working with Paul and Brian.  Both of whom I have worked with at the gym, so there is a familiarity with what I have been doing over time at the gym.  I have been going to the gym for a couple of years now.  That familiarity just translates into what I do online.

The thing that was intimidating for me was –just the “virtualness” of it.  And the getting online, and getting the computer going.  And making sure I was ready to go at the right time.  Because I am not a millennial as you can well tell. It’s worked really, really smoothly. I don’t get nervous or anxious anymore, before the workout.

The other thing that really surprises me is that I can do it without much equipment.  I have a few resistance bands, I have few dumbbells, and with just those basics, I’m able to do what I need to do to keep in shape. You could imagine that my goals are not to build lots and lots of strength and lots of muscles and all.

My goals are really modest.  I want to keep walking, to not fall to improve my balance, to make sure my muscles are in good shape.  It’s really really easy to do. Really Easy.

I guess philosophically there is another piece to it.  I would really encourage people that are considering online training workouts, particularly right now. It serves as a long term care insurance policy.

It’s worth every penny.

My long term goal is to age in place. And I think this just improves the chances that I will be able to do that over time.

Really the only obstacle was my own internal anxiety,about making the computer work, and getting online with Zoom, and getting into the right place with it all.  That’s not an issue — even for people like me. The exercises are great. They are made to be done with what equipment I have. Which I have noted is very little equipment. I feel really good after those workouts. So I am an advocate for it, and I’m going to keep right at it, Paul.

The other thing that I didn’t say enough about maybe is — how personalized it is. And how depending on how I feel, and how my body seems to be working in any given day, the coach, you, Brian, Max, Mark, any of the coaches, are really able to immediately substitute on exercise for another.  If it doesn’t feel quite right that day, and I really really appreciate that.  Some days I feel like I can push myself more than other days.  You guys as coaches, seem to be able to pick up on that really nicely. And turn that into something that I feel comfortable doing. But still get a really good workout. And I really do like that aspect of it.

– Julia W.

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