Parallette and Surge Intermediate Movements and Progressions

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If you own a pair of parallettes, you’ve probably discovered that they are an excellent source of instability for your shoulders, and your feet if you stand on them.  When you loop in a Surge (a water filled tube with handles), then you have instability in your core and shoulders as the water sloshes around.  When combined, they make for a truly grueling duo.

Make sure you check out the bonus videos at the bottom.  It’s a very original movement designed to provide an important progression for the pistol squat.

Movement 1:

1 Leg Glute Bridge 8/10.  The parallette offers a very stable platform to work from.  The only piece of equipment that’s better is probably the medball for doing 1 leg glute bridges.

Movement 2:

Parallette Bulgarian Lunge with Surge Overhead Hold 10/10.  This move is tough.  It works your core, shoulders, balance, everything.  Tip: use a squat sponge on the parallette so the base is soft for clients.  It pairs well with the 1 Leg Glute Bridge since it also works glutes.

Movements 3-6:

[sociallocker]Decline Parallette Pushups 10/10.  Don’t own a bench press?  This move is about as close as you can get to the real thing… and not much easier.  For more fun, don a weight vest :-).  Here, we demonstrate using a plyo box.

Movement 4:

Parallette/plyo box Surge Step ups 10/10.  Awesomely difficult and draining movement.  Particularly tough when you just completed movement 2 in the previous superset.

Movement 5:

Parallette L-Hold with Scissors 10/10.  The L-Hold is probably the granddaddy of parallette movement.  The alternating scissors crank up the difficulty two notches for sure.  If you’re clients can’t hold and L-Hold, simply have them do L-hold on the rings and then dips on the parallettes.


Movement 6:

Parallette Hurdle:  In a pinch, parallettes can be used a hurdle.  We opt for sandbags usually since they are a bit safer.

Bonus Movement:

Parallette Pistol Squat with TRX
Click to watch the video!

The Suspended Pistol Squat: Pistols squats are tough, and progressions are hard to find.  The two easy ones: The suspension trainer pistol squat or the box pistol squat are good… but it’s still a long way to a real pistol squat.  So we hereby introduce the Suspended Pistol Squat.  In the videos that follow: you’ll see Paul Roberts demonstrate the movement using the TRX Suspension Trainer and Jesus use the Olympic rings.  The Olympic rings are easier because they do not slide back and forth.

Click to Watch Video
Click to Watch Video

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Parallette and Surge Intermediate Movements and Progressions

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