Patrick Tarman – Signature Coach

Patrick Tarman Bio

Patrick teaches personal training and the Strong Powerlifting / Olympic lifting class.


  • George Mason University: Bachelors of Science, Community Health with a Concentration in Clinical Science

Personal Training Experience:

  • Nasm certified personal trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach at Thomas Jefferson Highschool
  • Training experience in several gym environments and disciplines

What can Coach Patrick do for you?

My goal as a trainer is to navigate your fitness goals in the most effective and safe way possible. My programming tends to place an emphasis on fundamental movement patterns as a means of bringing the body to its most optimal performance along with accessory movements that keep the workouts fun and interesting. I want your fitness journey to be a fun and fruitful adventure and cannot wait to join you!

The secret to success in training, whether it is for yourself or for a client, is all about modification. Tailoring the workout and training program to individual needs requires scaling of movements and intensities to ensure the safety and completeness of every workout. This allows room for development and reflection, we can see what we have mastered and what we still need to work on while also being able to increase and decrease difficulty in training areas where necessary.

My background in fitness actually began with Crossfit programming back in high school, so I could easily say it was indeed Crossfit that sparked my enthusiasm towards fitness. Training in several martial arts from Krav Maga to Jiu-Jitsu, I found that the intensity and constructiveness of CrossFit definitely carried over into my other interests. The fundamentals have been applicable to my own everyday activities as well as maintaining a sound mind and body. Crossfit presents a unique and diverse community-driven towards self-improvement at all levels in a manageable yet challenging environment and will certainly help you achieve your goals from weight loss, muscle and strength gains, to overall health improvement.

I am currently working on my corrective exercise specialist certification in addition to pursuing CrossFit specialty certifications. Needless to say, my exposure to Sand and Steel has got me hooked on refining my skills and improving as a well-rounded athlete. I like to bring this holistic approach to my training as well so that my clients can achieve the most ‘bang for your buck’ in every training session.

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