Preparing for your First Yoga Class

Paul shares some insider tips on how to prepare for your first yoga class.

The yoga community is welcoming of people of all shapes and sizes.  Many yoga studios offer a variety of classes.  For your first yoga class, we recommend new students start with an alignment class.  Yoga alignment classes focus on learning the proper positions and how to modify the positions for a person’s unique body.  Also, most yoga studios offer private lessons.  Private lessons might cost a little-bit more ($100/hr-$150/hr), but learning the fundamentals first will keep you safer.  Plus, the yoga instructor will likely recommend which specific classes are best for you.

Insider Tip!
Ask your Yoga Private Instructor to end the private session early, and help you a write a home yoga flow.  Bring a notebook.  After working with you for 30-40 minutes, an experienced yoga teacher can easily write a yoga flow customized for you.

It does not matter how strong or flexible you are when you start.  No one expects you to be good on your first day.  Everyone was a beginner once, and we all remember that awkward feeling walking into our first yoga class.  Improvement will come with consistent practice.

New students seek yoga to improve strength, aid in recovery, and increase passive flexibility.  Yoga gives you mastery of your mobility and beacons you to reach further.  Yoga is accessible to everyone that wants to learn, and can be modified to accommodate for nearly any injury.

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