Reviewed: Haven Athletic Gym Bag For CrossFit and Trail Running

We reviewed the Haven Athletic gym bag for both CrossFit and Trail Running. This large duffle bag has built-in organizers, strong zippers, and non-collapsing design. Although expensive at $299, it makes no compromises in terms of equipment organization and protection. It easily is the finest gym bag we have reviewed.

We are proud to offer the Haven Athletic gym bag featured here as our grand prize for the 2023 Weight Loss Challenge. Please visit them at

Haven Athletic Gym Bag for CrossFit

Easily fits: lifters, chalk bag, rock tape, wrist wraps, bar grips, deadlift wraps, knee pads, elbow pads, two belts, shaker bottle, and a jump rope with room to spare.

Haven Athletic Gym Bag for Trail Running

Easily fits: trail sneakers, recover sandals, 6 gels, two bottles of electrolytes, sunblock, anti-chaffing gel, bug lotion, spare set of clothes, changing towel, running cap, and water bottle. I can even squeeze in a full size running backpack.

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