Strength and Conditioning Private Sessions

What is a Strength & Conditioning Private Session?  How does it Work?  Is it better than Personal Training?  Coach Paul Explains All.

Strength & Conditioning Private Sessions

Strength & Conditioning Sessions Strength & Conditioning sessions are designed for members interested in improving their overall fitness. Our Strength & Conditioning sessions are designed to increase muscle tone, strength, and burn a lot of body fat. They are great for beginners because they incorporate longer warm-ups, practice on technique, and dedicated time for stretching at the end.

Does it Follow my Program?  Yes, all strength and conditioning coaches confer with Paul regarding your programming and your sessions are adapted into the Strength & Conditioning style.

What’s Better Personal Training or Strength & Conditioning?  They are equally good, some people prefer one style over the other.  Try it — if you don’t like it — Paul will give you a makeup session for free.

Comparing Personal Training vs. Strength & Conditioning

Both private training formats allow our coaches a great deal of latitude with customization and individualization of your program.  In nearly all cases, your results will be the same.  Both styles are equally safe.

It’s like a random personal asking me what’s better … or String Beans or Snap Peas?  They are both healthy vegetables to eat.  For 99% of the population, the fact that you are eating a healthy vegetable is good enough.  Maybe you’ve been eating string beans all your life, and you’ve never tried snap peas.  Maybe… you’ll like them better.  Try it — satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ok. Ok.  They are some hallmark differences between programming in the Strength & Conditioning style vs. Personal Training.  Text bookwise: a strength & conditioning workout is a strength section followed by a condition section.  The Steppin’ Lightly workout shows this.  However, numerous studies have shown that sequencing strength workouts and conditioning workouts in separate days is also just as effective (if not more so.)  So our Strength & Conditioning coaches will provide with a mix of some strength and some conditioning.  Like our personal training coaches — devoted times to specific warmups and mobility is also provided.

Strength and Conditioning Workout

20191223 by Paul Roberts 

Steppin’ Lightly


3 x 5 Barbell Lunge

3 rounds for time of
• 50-m lunge in AFSAP
•1 burpee per lunge step taken


Supernova on Chest
Banded Tricep Stretch
Wrist and Hand Stretches in seated position
Wrist CARS with open and closed fists.

General Warmup

2 rounds of 10-m of each:

  • Jog forward
  • Jog backward
  • High knees
  • Butt-kickers
  • Walking lunges
  • Slow carioca (both directions)
  • Bear crawl

Specific Warmup – Burpee

  • High plank 30-seconds
  • Superman hold 30-seconds
  • Side plank 30-seconds, per side
  • 10 Spiderman lunges
  • 5 slow and controlled burpees
  • 5 fast/normal burpees

Specific Warmup -Lunge

  • 2 sets of 5 goblet squats
  • 1 set of 10 slow and controlled walking lunges
  • 1 set of walking lunges with a dumbbell in goblet hold
  • 1 set walking lunges + 3 burpees

Personal Training Workout

20191224 by Paul Roberts 



Workout 25 Time Cap
80 Reps KB Swing Buy-in

Reps 30, 25, 20, 15
Inverted TRX Rows
Exercise tubing Reverse Flys
Barbell Curls

80 Reps KB Swing Buy-out


Obliques Stretches
Thoracic Rotation

Warmup 10 minutes

Sandbag Good Morning
Sandbag Carry Walking Lunge
Sandbag Plank Lateral Drag


Kettle Swing Skill 15 minutes

Don't See the Difference Between the Workout Styles?

Don't worry ... most entry level personal trainers don't know the difference either. The take-home point is that both styles will work for you. Try both, and see which one you prefer doing.

And it's perfectly fine to do both styles. We record your workouts in your chart. All coaches understand both styles.

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