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The Get Healthy Stay Healthy Guide

A Curated List of Effective Workouts, Weight Loss Tips, and Lifehacks to help you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy. The Get Healthy Stay Healthy Guide covers every personal training, yoga, nutrition, lifestyle, and health topic for all people.ย  It contains every secret, life-hack, and shortcut.ย  After two hours of Googling, you finally found it.ย  The Roadmap, Landmark Guide to Get Healthy Stay Healthy.

Law Enforcement Military Personal Training Discount

Military Discount Pack

The Military Pack. Active & Retired Military save 20% on 12 sessions.ย  Includes your choice of Personal Training, Nutrition, Mobility, Boxing, or Yoga. Law Enforcement & FBI too!
Yoga Iyengar- Standing Bow Pose - Dancer - Natarajasana

Yoga Private Lessons in Alexandria

One-on-one sessions allow us to craft the yoga flows and asanas to your unique goals and improve your weaknesses.ย  Build range of motion, balances, and dramatically improve recovery with our private yoga sessions.ย  We offer customized sessions based on Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Rocket, Iyengar, Yin, and Animal Flow.

Personal Training Alexandria VA

Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training sessions may be used to book any type of session: Personal Training, Boxing, Yoga, Nutrition, Mobility, etc.ย  Your personal training program in Alexandria VA will be designed according to your goals and fitness level.ย  ย We will customize your program to help you move better, lose weight, build strength, etc.ย  ย We build our programs to improve your health first.ย  Looking better is a byproduct a healthy, good-moving body.ย  We work seniors & older adults, Retired Military, and people that need to lose 100+ pounds.ย  We specialize in helping people with mobility restrictions and previous injuries.ย  Weight loss programs, powerlifting, strength training for runners, we do it all.
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Get 20 Free Workouts

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