The Get Healthy Stay Healthy Guide

A Curated List of Effective Workouts, Weight Loss Tips, and Lifehacks to help you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy.  The Get Healthy Stay Healthy Guide covers every personal training, yoga, nutrition, lifestyle, and health topic for all people.  It contains every secret, life-hack, and shortcut.  After two hours of Googling, you finally found it.  The Roadmap, Landmark Guide to Get Healthy Stay Healthy.

Sighs.  The stuff people write on the internet.  There is no such guide.  I study fitness and nutrition 5 hours a day for the past ten years, and I don’t know everything. I certainly can’t write it in one post.  Nor could I possibly write an article that would apply to all people.  Information and guidance has to customized to be effective.  For example, I have written well over 3000 workouts.  How many do you need right now?  Maybe 8 Workouts.  But you need the right 8 workouts.   And that is where the value comes from hiring an expert to help you.

But there are some general principles that apply to most people.  And I have aggregated them all in one place for you.

See you in the Gym,
Paul Roberts

Paul’s Get Healthy Stay Healthy Guide

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Get Healthy When You Travel

Staying Healthy isn’t a convenient thing.  Life is not convenient.  Planning is critical when you travel.  Sometimes you don’t have time to find the best gym when you are on travel.  You can stay healthy.  Purchase a scaled home workout plan from your personal trainer.

Sample Bodybuilding Travel Workout

YouTube video

Bodybuilding Travel Workout Plan

  • 3 x 10 Reps: Med Ball Pushups
  • 5 x 20 Reps: Med Ball Pullover on Bench
  • 5 x 10 Reps: Low Chest Cable Fly
  • 5 x 10 Reps: Reverse Cable Fly
  • 4 x 16 In/Out Biceps Curls
  • 3 x 15 Standing Overhead Triceps Pull

Get Healthy with Kettlebells

For a over a decade, I have used kettlebells to improve my fitness.  They are challenging tool to learn though.  They are really powerful when you are properly trained on how to use them.  You aren’t born knowing how to use a kettlebell.  80% of the certified personal trainers who apply to work at Sand & Steel don’t know either (we teach them and force them to study.)  So don’t use them, unless you have a pro teach you.  But prioritize that training in your budget.

Kettlebells Essential for Getting Healthy

  1. Kettlebells are versatile.  Our exercise database boasts over 60 exercises you can do with them.
  2. Kettlebells are in every gym.
  3. Kettlebells burn fat.  Metabolic Conditioning is synonymous with kettlebell training.
  4. Kettlebells build strength.  From the deadlift to the press, Kettlebells can be use for Functional Strength Training.
  5. Kettlebells build grip.  You are strong as your grip.  Kettlebells will make it stronger.

My Favorite Kettlebell Exercise — The Kettlebell Clean

When it comes to getting healthy and staying healthy, the kettlebell clean is a gateway move.  Super powerful, technical, and fun.  Here are the top 5 mistakes I see beginners make when attempting the kettlbell clean.

Mastering the Kettlbell Clean

95% of beginners make the following mistakes when trying the kettle bell clean:

  1. They pull the kettle bell up with shoulder instead lifting through their hips
  2. They pull the kettle bell away from their body, which consumes more energy and increase risk of injury
  3. They don’t keep their tricep against their chest in the rack position creating shoulder injury risk.
  4. They allow their wrist to turn out creating a risk for hyper extension.
  5. They don’t understand concept of floating the kettle after the pull but before the catch.

YouTube video

Make One High-Impact Change A Week To Get Healthy

It’s overwhelming to make a lot of changes all at once. So don’t do it!   Good habits beget positive changes.  In our BluePrint Nutrition and Diet Coaching service, we schedule the introduction of new habits to help you make long term progress.  This is how you get healthy and stay healthy.  For example, let’s talk about breakfast.

I’m sure you have heard how important this meal is, and it’s true! The body is waking up from an entire night of fasting, and metabolism has slowed down, so it’s an excellent time to eat key nutrients and give yourself a healthy boost. A nutrient rich breakfast will help kickstart your metabolism, and help you feeling fuller longer, so you’ll make better lunch choices. Not only will your body benefit, emotionally you’ll feel good about doing it – and that good feeling will carry throughout the day!

Blah… blah… I’m sure you know that, but you still don’t eat breakfast.  Why?  Because you don’t have a healthy habit of eating breakfast.  Maybe you don’t have time to eat a balanced meal.  If you are like many people, you’re wondering how you can possibly make all of this food in the morning. Who has the time for all of that preparation and cooking? And I know some of you probably can’t even imagine having vegetables for breakfast.

Get Healthy.  Start with one solution.  In this case maybe a shake will work for you.  Here’s one of my favorite power shakes.

Veggie Juice Shake Smoothie

Sample Healthy Shake

  • 1 Scoop Sand & Steel Steeltech Vanilla Protein Powder; Protein Source
  • 1 Scoop Greens Plus – The Original Superfood Powder Original – 9.4 oz.; Vegetable Source
  • 1/3 Block of Silken Tofu; Healthy Starch
  • 1/2 cup Raspberries (not blended); Fruit
  • 2 TBL Chia Seeds; Healthy Fat

Breakfast is important, as it sets the tone for the rest of your day.  You have time to make this shake, commit to making one positive healthy change per week, and you will stay healthy in the long run.

Getting Healthy by Confronting Your Comfort Zone

Get Healthy Stay Healthy
As humans, we naturally prefer exercises that we are good at, and we have experience in. The problem with training in your comfort zone is that your body adapts to doing the same thing, whether that’s playing basketball, running 5K, or doing an elliptical machine. In order to improve, you have to change. Arnold Schwarzenegger explained this topic as “Muscle Confusion” in his book the Encyclopedia of Body Building. The same concept was also discovered by Izumi Tabata in 1996 in what now is referred to as HIIT or high intensity interval training.

Getting Healthy often Involves Pushing Past our Comfort Zone

But what is muscle confusion or high intensity interval training? Collectively, they involve pushing the body past its normal limits. Dr. Tabata said they that he had his clients train at 170% of capacity, and Mr. Schwarzenegger is infamous for training well beyond the point of puking. What these systems have in common is pushing the body safely beyond “false limits.” That’s where proper form and supervision play a role. Schwarzenegger’s method of muscle confusion is now incorporated and integral to the Crossfit methodology of “constant variation.” That can take the form of introducing new movements, new equipment, or simply changing the sequence of a workout.

To Stay Healthy You Have to Constantly Challenge Yourself

So what does this mean for you? You have train hard to improve, but you also have to change to improve. Foundational movements are foundational because they work, but one can vary a foundational movement like a clean and press by using barbells, sandbells, kettlebells, surge, slosh pipes, sandbags, etc.  Each has a slightly different feel and stimulus. And when you practice with different loads sources, weights, reps, and duration you will improve your general physical preparedness (GPP). And improving your GPP leads to better health

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