ACTIVE AT HOME: A New Membership Option During the Coronavirus

Dear Members, we come to you with a request for support. We can’t overstate the financial impact the COVID-19 is having on Sand and Steel.  Our personal training and classes are the only source of income for us. Every member that puts their account on HOLD places additional finance distress on our small business. It also directly impacts the financial of welfare of our coaches. Many of our expenses are fixed costs (equipment loans, rent, taxes, software memberships), and we’ll have to pay those costs even if we are completely closed.  So we are asking you to please keep your membership ACTIVE.

We understand that you are all concerned about your health. We also understand that despite the significant social distancing measures we have put in place, some of you are uncomfortable coming to Sand and Steel during the Coronavirus pandemic. So we have rolled out a brand new membership called ACTIVE AT HOME.  Here’s how it works.

Active at Home


There are two kinds of ACTIVE memberships:

  1. ACTIVE IN PERSON: Sand & Steel will stay open for private training, classes, and open gym as long as our coaches are healthy, and the county allows us to stay open. This is the membership you have always had at Sand & Steel.
  2. ACTIVE AT HOME: Sand & Steel will build you a customized private training track with workouts built specifically for you to do at your home. You’ll get the same number of workouts monthly as you ordinarily would have purchased. You specify what equipment you have access to, and we’ll build it from there. Unlike all other home workout plans, these workout plans will individually made, just like the in-person training we provide.  We’ll also include our At-Home Body Weight Training Program for free.

So, if you are keeping your Get Steel Strong or Private Training membership ACTIVE, but want to workout AT HOME, please email us. Let us know what equipment you have available, and we’ll build out your customized training plan. The program will be delivered to you via SugarWOD, and you’ll be able to log your results. All of our coaches can see your results, and make changes to your program accordingly.

That said, it is your right to place your membership on HOLD.  If you are in financial distress like we are, and you need to place your account on HOLD, we will do that.  When we place your account on HOLD, we delay billing cycles, usage deadlines, and renewals.  Everything gets frozen in time.  If you do place a HOLD, please consider purchasing:

Everything helps.

Tomorrow is a big day for us.  Paul is turning 40 tomorrow, and he is bringing in cupcakes for everyone.  We’ll have some healthier options available as well.  We also plan to release a blog article discussing all of our Home Workout Plans in detail.  If you’d like to purchase one of our monthly Workout Plans, this article will help you decide which one is best for you.  You can even use the workout plans in our Open Gym Service (currently 8 people max per hour).

We appreciate you … our clients.  Without you … Sand and Steel cannot exist.  And we thank you for the extraordinary loyalty you have shown us through these difficult times.

In fitness and health,

Paul and Dawn


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  1. Happy Birthday Paul!! That is great! I’d be interested in the at home package. Can I learn more?

    Maddie Ivanchenko

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