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Over 25 videos on barbell exercises including power lifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, and Bodybuilding

Barbell Exercises and Video Demonstrations

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Barbells are your strength training powerhouse.  Used for Bodybuilding Exercises, Powerlifting Exercises, Olympic Lifting Exercises, and of course CrossFit Exercises.  Because the plates of the Barbell are easily adjustable they allow for a diverse selection of weights.  Exercises like the low bar back squat, deadlift, front squat, bench press, standing press, clean, and snatch are some of the most practiced techniques to the barbell and bumper plates.

Featured Barbell Exercises include: Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift, Barbell Push press, Bench Press, Frankenstein Clean, Manmaker, Front Rack mobilizations, Tall Clean, Clean Pull, Overhead Squat, Back Squat Westside Top Band Configuration, Push Jerk, Hip Thrust, Front Squat, Split Jerk, Clean and Press, Landmine Row, Barbell Curl, Lunge and Jerk, Back Squat with Chain, Power Clean, Conventional Deadlift, Good Morning, Bent Over Row, Incline Bench press, and Strict Press.

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