Barefoot Functional Training

Is Barefoot Training Healthy for your feet?  What sneakers and shoes are best for weight lifting and functional training?  Is it safe to wear running sneakers for lifting weights?  Get the answers to these questions and more.

Barefoot Training vs Lifting in Running Sneakers

It’s time to make the switch.  Nike, Asics, New Balance, and a host of other companies make fantastic running sneakers.  But running sneakers are designed for running.  Lifting shoes (sneakers) are designed for lifting.  Your running sneakers aren’t designed for lifting.  That’s why all these same companies make special shoes for lifting.

Great Sneakers for Weight Lifting

  • Reebok: Nano and Legacy
  • Nike: Metcon and Romaleos
  • Innov8: BARE-XF 210 V2, F-Lite 235, F-Lite 290
  • Nobull Trainers

Great Alternative Footwear for Weight Lifting

  • Yoga Socks
  • Converse All-Star
  • Vibrams
  • Most zero-drop sneakers

Help us Keep You Safe with Barefoot Training

We are professional personal trainers and yoga instructors.  Running shoes hide weaknesses that can be fixed with mobility training and corrective exercises.  Barefoot training is much more effective at building toe and foot strength.

Barefoot Functional Training vs Lifting in Running Shoes 2

Why no Running Shoes?
Running shoes are heavily padded on the soles for running on the pavement. This shock absorption dissipates the force need to lift properly (squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc.)
Running shoes hide imbalances that we can fix with corrective exercises. Running shoes have rotation control to support people with poor hip alignment. We’ll fix your hips so you don’t have to depend on special prosthetics to do the work that your hips are designed to handle.
You don’t run in basketball shoes, you don’t play soccer in sneakers, and you don’t lift in running shoes.
Do I Have to Buy Lifting Shoes?
No. You can train barefoot at Sand & Steel. You can train in socks, yoga socks, or Vibrams. Got a pair of Converse All-Stars? Those are good too. A Zero-drop shoe is key.
What About Lifters?
Professional Lifting shoes like the Reebok Legacy and Nike Romaleos are great for Olympic lifting and Powerlifting. Talk with Paul about purchasing a pair if you are interested.
My Podiatrist Said I Need Special Insoles
More like he or she wanted to sell you insoles. Podiatrists can’t fix muscles imbalances. Fixing the underlying problems with the muscles in your pelvis is out a podiatrist’s training. We are experts at fixing imbalances. We will retrain your hips to move properly.
Barefoot Training Isn't New
Professional athletes, bodybuilder like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the vast majority of fitness professional recognize the important of training barefoot. Trust us, barefoot training is better.
Improve your Balance
Weak toes and calves? We’ll fix that. You don’t need your bulky shoes for balance. Nature built your body to function without sneakers. The sneaker companies relentless marketing has persuaded you that you need shoes to move safely. You don’t. Your feet work just fine. And we will retrain your body to function with or without shoes.

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