Beyond Stretch @ Aslin

Beyond Stretch @ Aslin Brewery. December 22.

Beyond Stretch @ Aslin

Beyond Stretch @ Aslin Brewery

Co-hosted by Sand & Steel Fitness

What’s Included? One ticket includes one Beyond Stretch class and your first Aslin pour.

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The Beyond Stretch Class: Train to move better.  Stretch to improve passive flexibility.  Strengthen your end range of motion and control.  Injuries frequently occur when you have passive mobility to get into a position, but not the strength and control to support that position. Beyond Stretch improve your balance and resistance to injury by targeting the muscles that your everyday activities cannot.

Details: Please bring a yoga mat. Mat rentals are available onsite for $5.

Bonus: The first 20 registrants will receive a gift certificate for a first free class @ Sand and Steel Fitness.

Beyond Stretch Teacher: Paul Roberts of Sand and Steel Fitness

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