Flu Shots Alexandria VA

Flu Shot Signup Information

Flu Shot Signup Information.  In partnership with Juburi Medical Center, Sand and Steel Fitness is proud to offer everyone the opportunity to get a flu shot this fall. Get your Flu Shot on September 26.

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Yoga Brew Event Fireflow

Yoga Brew

Yoga Brew. A Coffee & Yoga Event. 10AM January 4, 2020
The Coffee: Sand & Steel’s Signature Reusable Tumbler filled Starbucks Winter Blend Coffee.

The Yoga: Light up your Yoga Practice with Paul’s Fireflow Yoga.  Fireflow unique design makes it approachable to beginners, while retaining many of the challenges of the Astanga & Rocket Sequences.  Learn to float, stretch, and sweat as Paul turns up the heat in Fireflow.

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