Flu Shot Signup Information

Flu Shot Signup Information.  In partnership with Juburi Medical Center, Sand and Steel Fitness is proud to offer everyone the opportunity to get a flu shot this fall. Get your Flu Shot on September 26.

Have you gotten your flu shot yet?  Sand and Steel is making it easy, we’re bringing the doctors to you.  This Saturday, nurses from the Juburi Medical Center will be at Sand & Steel from 10:00AM-12:00PM.  They will administer flu shots for the 2020 season, please bring your driver’s license and your medical insurance card.  They are also providing a complimentary blood pressure test and blood oxygen test.

This event is open to all members and nonmembers.  Let’s keep Alexandria VA healthy together.  A healthy gym starts with having members that make healthy choices.  All Sand and Steel employees are required to get their flu shot, and we encourage all of our members to do the same.  Let’s keep a good thing going, and keep the flu out of Sand & Steel.

You can come anytime from 10:00AM to 12:00PM, we’ll vaccinate people first come first serve. While you are here, you can also register for a free CrossFit or Mobility Class


Can’t Make it on Saturday?

Schedule by phone or email

Juburi Medical Center
2817 Duke St. Alexandria VA 22314
703-997-9699. [email protected]

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  1. The Flu shot can be a life saving practice in general, keeping in mind the very tough time we are going through the Covid-19 Pandemic .
    The symptoms and signs of Influenza and Covid-19 can be very similar and cause a lot of confusion in the care
    One may end up unnecessarily at the ER, or hospital and that can significantly increase the risk and the cost of care.
    Please consider taking your flu shot as soon as you can.
    You will never regret it.

    Rudy Juburi, MD

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