12 Workouts of Christmas 2018

Our 12 Workouts of Christmas is back featuring 12 amazing exercises.  This year, we have included 3 unique workouts.  A beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level.  Let’s Get Fit and Healthy this Christmas

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12 Workouts of Christmas

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1Travelling Bear (1 Lap)Travelling Bear (1 Lap)Travelling Bear (1 Lap)PushCore
2Inverted RowPullupBurpee Chest 2 BarPull
3Thrusters 45/35Thrusters 55/45Thrusters 75/55SquatPush
4Strict Press 45/35Push Press 55/45Push Jerk 75/55Push
5Abmat Sit-upsToes to BarMedball Toes 2 BarCore Flexion
6Crab ReachScorpion Reach (Per side)Scorpion Switch (Per Side)Core Extension
7Knee PushupsStrict PushupsClap PushupsPush
8Air SquatsOverhead SquatsPlyo SquatsSquat
9Kettle Bell Swing 35/25Alternating Kettlebell Swings 35/25American Swings 44/35Hinge
10Assisted Lunges (Per Side)Walking Lunges (Per Side)Plyo Lunges (Per Side)Lunge
11Barbell Curls 45/35Barbell Cleans 55/45Barbell Squat Cleans 75/55PullHinge
12Hanging KneeHanging L-HoldHanging Oblique CrunchCoreAnti Rotation

Instructions for 12 Workouts of Christmas

If you happen to be a Sand & Steel Client … this will be next workout :-).  Enjoy!

12 Workouts of Christmas SquareStep 1) Select your fitness level.

Beginner: working with a personal trainer for less than 6 months.  Intermediate: working with a personal trainer for 6 months – 12 months.  Advanced: working with a personal trainer for more than a year.

Step 2) Scale all exercises

Make sure you can safely perform all 12 exercises.  If you cannot do a specific exercise, scale it with a similar exercise.

Step 3) Check weights on all exercises

Make sure you can do the exercise at your selected weight.  You should be able to do the designated number of reps at the same weight.

Step 4) Setup your Equipment in Advance

Since this is a chipper-style workout, you’ll want all your equipment carefully laid in the order that you are doing the exercises.  Also, write out your workout on a whiteboard.

The 12 Workouts of Christmas Programming

The workouts sets look as follows:

  • Set 1: Day 1
  • Set 2: Day 2, Day 1
  • Set 3: Day 3, Day 2, Day 1
  • Set 12: Day 12, Day 11, Day 10, Day 9, Day 8, Day 7, Day 6, Day 5, Day 4, Day 3, Day 2, Day 1,

How Many Reps?

Reps are controlled by the Day #.  So you do 1 rep of Day 1, 2 reps of Day 2, 3 reps of Day 3, etc.

How Much Rest?

You can rest when you are done.  It’s a chipper WOD— so no rest.  You are to complete the workout as fast as possible. This workout is designed to be a timed workout.  So make sure you have all your scalings, weights, and equipment ready before starting the 12 Workouts of Christmas.  3-2-1 Go!

How Much Time?

45 Minutes is the time cap.  Coaches have 15 minutes to scale and warmup the clients.  If the client cannot finish in 45 minutes just write down your name and # of rounds completed in 45 minutes.

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