Booking an Owner’s Training Session

Booking an Owners Session is a simple three-step process.  Here’s what you need to do

Step 1: is to inform Dawn or Paul what you’d like to work on in your Owner’s Training Session.  This can be done by logging into your Zen Planner account and editing your profile.  You need to update the field, “Next Session Focus.”  Note, if you book an Owner’s Training without first completing step 1, your session will be canceled.

Step 2: Booking Your Session

You can use an “Owner’s Training” to book with Paul or any other coach in the gym.

  • To book with a coach, use our main calendar.
  • To book with Paul, use our appointment scheduler.  Please do not book the 7AM or 8AM timeslots (those are reserved for new member gym tours.)  There is no functionality to book sessions with Paul from your Zen Planner App.

Step 3: Applying the Coupon Code (ISG Winners Only)

If you earned a trophy at the Iron Star Games Rewards Ceremony, you get two free sessions.  You can use your Owner’s Training session to book with Paul or any other coach at Sand and Steel Fitness.  The Coupon Code is ISG Winner.  The Coupon Code is valid from February 22 – March 22.

Owner’s Training Purchase Link

Important: if you don’t apply the coupon code, you’ll be charged for your sessions. If you attempt to use the Coupon Code, and you aren’t an Iron Star Games Winner, you’ll be charged for the sessions.  If you purchase more than two Owner’s Training Sessions with the Coupon Code, you’ll be charged for the additional sessions.  Owner’s Training Sessions are valid for 2 months from the date purchased and will automatically expire if not used.

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