Butts and Guts Personal Training Program

Build a Foundation of Strength with our Butts & Guts Personal Training Program. A beginner-friendly strength training program to Get Strong Where it Counts.

Personal Training for the Core and Pelvis

When all muscles around your core, hips, and back are strong, you can deadlift more, lunge more, and squat more.  The Butts and Guts program is designed to get your strong where it counts.

So get off that hack squat machine, leg press, and quad extension machine, and lift some real weights.  Learn how to lift heavy safely and drive your hips properly.  And besides it’s what you look like outside the gym that counts.

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And for the Gents Who Think this a Woman’s Program

If you don’t think your legs and core could be stronger… than you don’t know jack about strength training. There is a reason Coach Dawn teaches only one program.  It’s the only one need to get stronger.  And besides … who doesn’t need a more chiseled core and toner butt?

Moreover, Butts & Gutts is constantly updated.  Dawn pours all of her strength training knowledge into this one program.  Check out the workout programming on our SugarWOD channel (click the Workout of the Day toggle).

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