Paul Roberts | Top Personal Trainer Alexandria VA*
BioMedical Engineer Johns Hopkins | Professional Personal Trainer
Strength & Conditioning | Nutrition | Sports Movement Analysis

Personal Trainer Strengths

  • Core Training
  • Movement Analysis and Muscle Testing
  • Gymnastics and body weight training
  • Weight Loss Programming
  • Balance & Range of Motion
  • Shoulder rehab and movement correction

Major Personal Training Techniques

  • Functional Movements for everyday strength
  • Strategic Body Sculpting
  • Dropping fat while adding muscle… it can be done,
    and I do it for clients all the time
  • CrossFit, Suspension Training, Vipr, Barbells,
    Rings, Dumbbells, Ropes
  • Scalability and variation
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Shoulder Movement Correction
  • Energy System Training


  • Biomedical Engineer B.S. from Johns Hopkins
  • Employs science based and evidentiary methodology to
    enhance weight loss and muscle gain.
  • Methodology is based on the Precision Nutrition and
    Origin method which involves teaching what to eat,
    counting calories does not work long scale.
  • Sophisticated compliance techniques to keep you
    motivated and losing weight.

Top Personal Trainer Alexandria VA

Affiliations and Certifications

  • Paul’s experience includes a biomedical engineering BS from Johns Hopkins, several years working in the medical technology field writing patents on surgical equipment and fitness gear.  
  • Certifications include:
    • Precision Nutrition
    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
    • CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer
    • RKC Hard Style Kettle Bell Certification
    • TRX Suspension Trainer Qualified
    • FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Level I and Level 2
    • Y-Balance Test Certified – Move2Perform provider
    • Official 2015 Reebok Affiliate

    Paul has extensive experience in weight loss programming as well as movement correction.  For his own personal development, Paul concentrates his athletic development on complex bodyweight movements, such as the Ring Muscle-up, Handstand Pushups, and Double Unders, etc.  Paul is also the author of about 85% of the workouts appearing in the XT60 Professional Personal Training System which currently contains 600 tested and polished workouts spread across 40 different programs.

Personal Trainer Conferences

  • Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio March 2013
  • Ideafit in Alexandria, Virginia March 2014
  • Club Industry in Chicago, Illinois October 2014
  • Ideafit in Alexandria, Virginia March 2015

Sports Background

  • Soccer
  • Rock Climbing; Bouldering
  • Skiing
  • Olympic Lifting
  • TRX
  • Track & Field, Mud Running, Trail Running
  • Hiking and backpacking
  • Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwan Do

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Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I will do what other can’t.

Paul is currently seeking clients for his two new programs:

  • The Golf Pro.  So you want more control over your stroke?  More power to hit balls further.  And you want protection from getting injured from over-use?  Mission accepted.  Our Golf Pro program builda twisting and resistance to twisting movements so that you can rotate powerfully.  It builds hip and shoulder mobility so that you extend through your swing properly.  It also improves strength in the shoulders and core so that you can swing with confidence.
  • Bulletproof.  Bulletproof features 10-20 minute movement complexes that will challenge your mind and body to build general physical preparedness for any sport (CrossFit, Football, Soccer, Skiing, whatever.)  Deliberately designed to build durability and resistance to injury while burning as many calories as possible, this series of metcons is challenging yet approachable since it is easily scaled by adjusting weights.   It’s Paul’s current program and he loves it!

Bring 2 things when you train with me: your energy and your focus.   Be prepared to leave it all in the gym.  If that’s not you, we do have coaches who are more moderate in training intensity. 🙂  

Safe and Ruthless – that’s my style.  -Paul

Experience Summary:

Paul’s major areas of coaching experience includes:

Weight Loss


Movement Diagnostics and Correction


Mobility and Joint Motion Repair


Coaching Absolute Beginners


Coaching Div 1 Athletes, Active Military/Air Force, and other Advanced Athletes


TRX Suspension Training

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