CrossFit Class Update with Coach Paul

Members … you have told me what you want in our classes moving forward. And tomorrow I will be sharing with you many positive changes that are yet to come. Changes that I could only bring with your feedback. So thank you for working with me to build this amazing community of talented lifters and cherished friendships.

Many of our newer members haven’t had the pleasure of taking a class with me, so let me give a preview of what is to come tomorrow:

  • I am relentless in requiring perfect form. We practice until everyone has it perfect.
  • I will demand every rep to be clean — I will accept no sloppy technique from anyone.
  • I will scale this workout for EVERYONE. From our strongest athletes to our weakest athletes.
  • Everyone finishes. No one leaves till we get this done.*

You have all come to Sand & Steel because you want to learn to lift, to get healthier, and to get strong. Tomorrow we get that done.

I ask only two things of you when you work with me:

  1. you bring your absolute best when you walk into the gym tomorrow; and
  2. you challenge yourself to make every rep as perfect as you can.

The secret to getting strong and building durability in weight-lifting is ferocious intensity paired with rock-solid technique. And I will accept nothing less.

Our class tomorrow is sold out. But join the waitlist, and I will manually add the first twenty members that signup.


-Coach Paul

  1. Brand New Deconditioned Athletes (less than 30 days experience). Scale Squat Pulses to 200 pulses.
  2. If your lunge is unstable, you’ll do band-assisted lunges and dumbbell press.
  3. If your squat pulses aren’t to depth because you lack the mobility, you’ll do box squats. If your squat pulses aren’t to depth because you are cheating reps, I’ll add 50 reps each time I catch you cheating the exercise…. you have been warned.
  4. Paul reserves the discretion to raise the reps and weights on all Advanced and Expert level athletes who come into my class.
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