Hotel Workouts

Tips For Working out in your Hotel

3 Amazing Hotel Workouts that you can do in any hotel gym.  Great for strength and conditioning programs.

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The Berkley

This workout is primarily a fat burning workout because it works muscles in very different fashion (Gait, squat, lunge).  Combining a quick run (adjust the speed so that it’s fast, just not brutal) with challenging moves like thrusters and plyo squats raises heart rate and helps burn fat very quickly.  For a hotel workout — it’s pretty intense.

4 Rounds for time

  • 800 meter run on speed (7 mph)
  • 25 thrusters with 30lbs;
  • 12 plyo squats

Double Trouble

When you don’t have a lot of equipment like some hotels, sometimes doing a two-move workout is great.  Just pick two awesome compound movements, write your programming, and get started.  This workout works legs, core, chest, shoulders, and triceps (and a little bit of back.)  This workout is a fat loss workout, since it work non-analogous compound muscle groups.  It also helps improve balance and stabilizers.

  • 2-4min Dumbbell Squat hold (rest 2 minutes)
  • 20 Dumbbell Manmakers (rest 3 minutes)
  • 2-4min Dumbbell Squat hold (rest 2 minutes)
  • 20 Dumbbell Mamakers (rest 3 minutes)
  • 2-4min Dumbbell Squat hold (rest 2 minutes)
  • 20 Dumbbell Mamakers (rest 3 minutes)


Think you always need fancy machines to get a workout in?  Try to finish this workout in under 15 minutes, and we’ll see if you look at hotel workouts the same way again.

21-15-9 (reps or calories)

  • 25 lbs Dumbbell Split Snatch
  • Treadmill plank walk (walk on the treadmill with your hands)
  • Dumbbell Pushups

Workout Generator

Want some more workouts that you can do anywhere?  Tim over at Fitatmidlife has put together a great workout generator.  It is super quick loading and has some really fun sequences.  For a bigger challenge string 3 or 4 of them together.

Online Workout Program

Sand & Steel has put together a library of video workouts at   You can even download one free with the code: FreeVideo

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