Marlena Wikander Registered Yoga Teacher

“Marlena is a full time teacher she brings a level or preparation & organization that other Yoga Teachers (RYT) can’t.” -Coach Paul. Owner

Marlena Wikander Registered Yoga Teacher

Hi! I am Marlena and my specialty is Yoga, mindfulness and meditation.  Movement has been a part of my life since I was a young kid beginning from dancing in my living room with my sisters to dancing in local competitions.

Certification: Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour RYT

My Practice: I love that yoga requires focus of the mind and body so that you know you are truly getting a full body work-out.  My teaching style focuses on teaching to individual bodies not prescripted cues. In my classes you will see that my cuing and instruction is based off of the needs of the students in class. My classes will push your body to your edge all while providing you an opportunity to escape from you day to day life. Whether you are looking to work on your flexibility, mobility, mindfulness or combination of all three I am here to create flows that work for your body and your ability.

My Family & Yoga: My mom raised me to have an interest in fitness and movement. She was consistently going to the gym and dropping me off in the children’s playroom so since a young age I knew the importance of fitness, nutrition and living an overall healthy lifestyle.   I was introduced to yoga by my dance instructors and my mom. Since then (about 12 years) I have been practicing yoga.

Marlena Wikander Yoga Teacher

Yoga Flow for December

by Marlena, Registered Yoga Teacher

Warmup (1 Breath per Pose)

Sun Salutation A x 3

Bound Sequence (6 breaths per pose)

Bound Rotation in Warrior I Position
Warrior 1,
Humble Warrior
Warrior 3
Repeat 2X

Power Sequence  (6 breaths per pose)

Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior
Reverse Triangle

Peak Sequence

Bound Side Angle (90 Seconds) (45 Seconds) (ROS)
R Hanumanasana on Bolster (270 Seconds)
R Half Split Pose on Bolster (270 Seconds)
L Hanumanasana on Bolster (270 Seconds)
L Half Split Pose on Bolster (270 Seconds)
Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose (45 Seconds) (25 Seconds) ROS
Dancer Pose (45 Seconds) (25 Seconds) ROS

Cool Down

Half Pigeon (180 Seconds per side)
Plow – Halasana (270 Seconds)
Bridge Pose – Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (180 seconds)

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