Our Health & Fitness Goals 2023

Setting Goals is a Key Aspect for Improving Your Health and Fitness

As your coaches, it’s very important for us to know what your goals are. So please take a minute and write them down. Paul will be personally contacting everyone that submits their goals to help you with you with planning. Please make sure your goals are SMART and FAST (see examples below).


As an example, Paul’s 2022 Goals were:

✔ Run a half marathon (I ran 4 of them).
✔ Lose 20 pounds
✔ Complete every obstacle in a Spartan Race
✔ Master the double under
✔ Chain toes to bar
✔ Link muscle-ups
✔ 1100 pound combined deadlift, bench, and squat
✔ Handstand Walk 25 Feet
✔ Chain 4 Bar Muscle-ups

Goals 2023

Please fill out the form below to add your goals to our Commitment Board for 2023. Please login so that you edit the form later.


Our Goals

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