Overhead Squat and Chest to Bar CrossFit Open 15.2

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CrossFit 15.2 Open Workout

Paul Roberts of Sand & Steel demonstrates the Overhead Squat with 95 LBS and the Chest to Bar Pullup.

The Actual CrossFit Workout featured:

  • Round 1: 3 minutes to complete 10 overhead squats and 10 C2B (two sets),
  • Round 2: 3 minutes to complete 12 overhead squats and 12 C2B (two sets),
  • Round 3: 3 minutes to complete 14 overhead squats and 14 C2B (two sets), etc.
  • Once you can’t finish the required movements in the time allotted, the workout is over.
  • Weight is 95lbs Men and 65 lbs women.

Why the workout works

  • Reason 1: the Overhead Squat and the C2B make a great functional pair, because they are both very shoulder focused (strong shoulders to hold the bar and serious movement on the shoulders for the Chest to Bar Pullup)
  • Reason 2: 3 minutes to complete 2 sets of overhead squats and chest to bar pull-ups isn’t a lot time. Overhead squats and chest to bar pullups are primarily anaerobic exercises so doing the movements fast enough to build-in rest time in between rounds is tough.


Overall assessment: this open workout will leave you breathless.

The hardest parts for most people will be the move complexity (overhead squats and C2B take some practice) and particularly 3 minutes isn’t a lot of time to complete them. One could do this same workout in 6 minute intervals which would still be very effective for building muscular strength. In particular, I found the superset of Overhead Squats and C2B Pullups to be an excellent pairing and definitely worth keeping in your fitness library.

Power Snatch into Overhead Squat

Comments: the Overhead squat in CrossFit’s Open Workout 15.2  Arms should remain locked out throughout (this was set four, and my strength was failing.)  Otherwise knees should break parallel on the descent.

Chest to Bar Pullup

Comments: the Chest to Bar Pullup (or C2B) requires a full lockout of the arms on the decent and bringing the chest to the bar on the contraction.  The movement shown is a kipping Chest to Bar Pullup.

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Paul has trained over 3000 clients and more than a 100 personal trainers over his 10 years as a mobility and strength coach.  He emphasizes safety and corrective exercises in all programming (strength, weight loss, conditioning, etc.)  His practice focuses on improving flawed movement patterns to prevent injury and improve skeletal-muscular function.  Paul employs a balanced approach in training utilizing his training Yoga, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Movement Courses to systematically strengthen weakened muscles and mobilize joints and muscle tissue.  Move Better ... Train Better.

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Overhead Squat and Chest to Bar CrossFit Open 15.2

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