Overhead Squat and Chest to Bar CrossFit Open 15.2

CrossFit 15.2 Open Workout

Paul Roberts of Sand & Steel demonstrates the Overhead Squat with 95 LBS and the Chest to Bar Pullup.

The Actual CrossFit Workout featured:

  • Round 1: 3 minutes to complete 10 overhead squats and 10 C2B (two sets),
  • Round 2: 3 minutes to complete 12 overhead squats and 12 C2B (two sets),
  • Round 3: 3 minutes to complete 14 overhead squats and 14 C2B (two sets), etc.
  • Once you can’t finish the required movements in the time allotted, the workout is over.
  • Weight is 95lbs Men and 65 lbs women.

Why the workout works

  • Reason 1: the Overhead Squat and the C2B make a great functional pair, because they are both very shoulder focused (strong shoulders to hold the bar and serious movement on the shoulders for the Chest to Bar Pullup)
  • Reason 2: 3 minutes to complete 2 sets of overhead squats and chest to bar pull-ups isn’t a lot time. Overhead squats and chest to bar pullups are primarily anaerobic exercises so doing the movements fast enough to build-in rest time in between rounds is tough.


Overall assessment: this open workout will leave you breathless.

The hardest parts for most people will be the move complexity (overhead squats and C2B take some practice) and particularly 3 minutes isn’t a lot of time to complete them. One could do this same workout in 6 minute intervals which would still be very effective for building muscular strength. In particular, I found the superset of Overhead Squats and C2B Pullups to be an excellent pairing and definitely worth keeping in your fitness library.

Power Snatch into Overhead Squat

Comments: the Overhead squat in CrossFit’s Open Workout 15.2 ย Arms should remain locked out throughout (this was set four, and my strength was failing.) ย Otherwise knees should break parallel on the descent.

Chest to Bar Pullup

Comments: the Chest to Bar Pullup (or C2B) requires a full lockout of the arms on the decent and bringing the chest to the bar on the contraction. ย The movement shown is a kipping Chest to Bar Pullup.

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