Bench Press Progressions

What’s the Best Exercise for Developing a Strong Chest?

Bench Press.  That’s the answer.  Yes Dips, pushups, ball pushups, flys, etc. are good too.  Nothing works faster or better than bench press, but it’s also a source of frequent injury.  Be deliberate and slow on increasing weight.  A tear in the tendon of clavicullar head of the pectoris major is more common than you think.  Be patient with raising the weight, just be cause you can lift the weight, doesn’t mean your tendons can.

Breaking through plateaus

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Safe Form on the Barbell Back Squat

Using the Squat Sponge to Help your Form on Three Critical Movements

The Barbell Back, Bulgarian Split Squat, and the Hip Thuster are some of the most powerful and effective moves you can do with a barbell.  But all these movements have the potential to cause more harm than good if you don’t have the proper support.  At Sand & Steel, we use the Squat Sponge to protect our athletes from injury in these movements.

Barbell Back Squat with the Squat Sponge

Simply put, this critical powerlifting move is safer and more comfortable with the squat sponge.  It makes a great move better.  There really is no downside to using it.

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