Safe Form on the Barbell Back Squat

Using the Squat Sponge to Help your Form on Three Critical Movements

The Barbell Back, Bulgarian Split Squat, and the Hip Thuster are some of the most powerful and effective moves you can do with a barbell.  But all these movements have the potential to cause more harm than good if you don’t have the proper support.  At Sand & Steel, we use the Squat Sponge to protect our athletes from injury in these movements.

Barbell Back Squat with the Squat Sponge

Simply put, this critical powerlifting move is safer and more comfortable with the squat sponge.  It makes a great move better.  There really is no downside to using it.

YouTube video

Hip Thruster with the Squat Sponge

Personal Trainers know the hip thruster is immensely powerful for developing glutes, but it can cause injury to the pelvis if the bar isn’t supported properly.  Load the squat sponge on the barbell, load yourself up on a bosu, stack on the plates, and build a butt that a Brazillian would be proud of.

Bulgarian Split Lunge with Parallette

Aside from having a dedicate Bulgarian split lunge horizontal bench (which is a uni-tasker, and total waste of space and money), the next best thing (and far more sensible) is to simply load up your parallette with a squat sponge, put your rear leg on the sponge and get your lunges.

Surge Split Squat Using the Parallette and Squat Sponge
Bulgarian Surge Overheat Split Lunge on a Squat Sponge padded parallette. It’s a total body wrecker, watch Jesus crush this movement.

Sand & Steel is proud to have a squat sponge for every barbell we have — they are that good.

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