Rachel Garmon
Weightlifting and Mobility

My Certifications:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Weight-Loss Specialist
  • USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach
  • ISSA Kettlebell Certified

“The greatest feeling is watching a client achieve that which they thought impossible. Challenge yourself and challenge your body.”

Rachel Deadlift

The Fitness Journey

Fitness is a constant journey. I grew up dancing, I then discovered the joy of running, and finally found weightlifting. For every person their journey an goal are just as unique as they are. I want to find the best method that will get you your goals while still allowing you to enjoy yourself (granted burpees are rarely enjoyed.)We all have our journeys and a wealth of strength to help us get there. Let’s tap that and get started.

About Me:

I actively compete and train in weightlifting and this is how I escape and decompress.
Fitness (especially lifting) helped me tackle my eating disorder. Lifting gave me something to focus on and a new challenge; I finally found control

There is a powerful feeling you get when holding a barbell. As my training grew intense so did the realization of needing to fuel my body to get stronger. You cannot squat 300lbs or run a marathon without the proper fuel in your system. Dealing with bulimia has shaped how I train clients. To start reach your goals or start your journey – acknowledge first where you currently are and then allow change. I want clients to find their inner strength be it in lifting heavy, losing weight, touching their toes, or whatever their goal is – lets reach those goals.


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