Professional Debate on Facebook — Will Online Training Replace the Gym?

John Rusin asks the fitness industry whether online training will replace going to a gym with a personal trainer.  Here our thoughts and other thought leaders.

Here is John Rusin’s Original Statement to the fitness community on Facebook

Paul’s Response was

For those of you that don’t have Facebook, here’s Paul’s Response

Some great comments in this thread. I have owned several home gyms long before I owned Sand and Steel Fitness. Here’s the truth — you cannot achieve the same results on your own that could get with a skilled coach like John Rusin, Dr. Jim Stoppani, or the coaches at Sand and Steel Fitness — not even close. You are fooling yourself if you think some fitness app, or fancy #mirror from Lululemon is going to get you significant results. Even an online class like Peleton, cannot provide you with comparable results … it’s not even close.

Jonathan Goodman, ask any professional, if they can provide you the same results “online in a class” as they can “one on one in person.” The fact that we are asking ourselves the question is preposterous. Technology may change very quickly, but human biomechanics hasn’t fundamentally changed for thousands of years. But you know this, I’ve read your books. The reason people are asking themselves this question, is they are looking for justification to support their desired conclusion that the public can save boatloads of time and money by training at home by myself or with a $20/month app. People want to come to this conclusion, because it’s more convenient and cheaper.

People, why do some of you think the 30 YouTube videos you have watched matches the 30 personal training certifications I have?

Paul Roberts Mobility, Strength, and Weight Loss

It’s just like any other industry, yes, you can cook your own dinner, but you not going to rival what Michelin star chef can do. I have done online training on #zoom and many other networks, and it’s fine but it’s not the same. Nor is group training a replacement for personal training. I coach both group training and personal training every day. My clients in personal training get much better results and progress much further than my group clients. But group training is cheaper, and not everyone can afford to train one-on-one. Who are the people that are driving this idea that home or online training going to put real professional trainers out of business? They are stake holders in the online training system.

Jeremy LeGasse, can a coach get your comparable results to your $3000 home gym? For one, our GHD Sand and Steel Fitness costs more than your entire home gym. Two, just a hire a coach to work remotely with you in your home gym if you don’t have time to go to the gym. In my early 20s, I thought the way you did. I had a $5,000 home gym, and I thought I knew everything about training. I was a patent attorney at the worlds top rated law firm. But then I ruptured my bicep deadlifting 475, because I actually didn’t know jack about weight-lifting after all.

That was about a decade ago, and I’ve committed every day of my life since then studying from brilliant people (some are even on this thread), so I can teach others how to lift properly. So no, your $3000 gym does not measure up to a decade of experience.

In this world there are many DIY people. People who build their own patios, repair their own cars, do their medical research rather than seeing a doctor, and they even build their own fitness equipment. And then there are the people (generally a little older and little wiser) that realize, “Hey I am not expert in everything. I might be an expert at my own job, but I am not an expert #strengthandconditioning coach. So rather than trying to learn an entire profession, it’s more time-effective, cost-effective, and safer for me to just find the best expert that I can afford.” And I guarantee the later person will get better results for their time and effort than the former.

John Goodman, author of Ignite the Fire, wrote a great response to Paul’s Comment

Paul Roberts I agree with everything you said. What I feel that you’re missing is your conception of what online training is (or, more specifically, hybrid training.) Zoom workouts suck. They’re sh!t. So are Streaming workouts. They serve their purpose but mostly, they’re sh!t. Hybrid, on the other hand, allows the maximization of a coach by eliminating all of the nuisance and time-wasting stuff coaches do conventionally thereby allowing them to show up in greater capacities where they are needed. The problem isn’t online training. The problem is that the majority of the fitness industry has no damn idea how to do it.John Goodman

Hybrid Training – the Wave of the Future?

I profess, I am not 100% sure what hybrid training is, but I assume it’s some combination of in-person, home programming, and virtual coaching.  Sure, that’s a fine solution for some people.  But if you can actually just get to the gym, ultimately that will be easier and simpler for you and your coach.

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