Social Distancing For Your Stuff

With COVID-19, keeping potential contaminants off the gym floor is critical to everyone’s safety. Click below for how we are helping you stay safe at Sand and Steel.

Sand and Steel’s Policy of no food or drinks on the gym floor is more important than ever.  Keys, Drinks, Phones, inhalers, and Masks must be kept in the cubbies or in your pocket while you are Sand and Steel.  

Social Distancing For Phones
Back Cubbies
Front Cubbies

Why Do We Have This Policy?

With COVID-19, keeping  potential contaminants off the gym floor is critical to everyone’s safety.  Click below for detailed explanation of the 5 most common items people bring to the gym.

  1. Drinks can be spilled creating a potential for Contamination.
  2. People can trip on your drink causing them injury or spilling it.
  3. People can drink your drink by mistakes.
  4. Do you really want people breathing on and sweating over your water? 


  1. Phones have on average 18 times the bacteria that a toilet has.
  2. Phone can be broken by an errant kettlebell or weight plate.

When was the last time your cleaned your keys?  Yuck.

I’ve seen members putting masks on the floor.  Think about that for a second.  You are putting something you wear on your on the floor.  I mean, know ours floors are cleaned everyday, but… common sense people.

Yeah, I’ve seen these on the floor.  That’s something you put in your mouth.

Policy Exceptions

If there any individuals that have special needs that would be negatively impacted by this policy, please contact us.  We’ll figure out a safe-solution.

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