Face Mask Policy

Face Mask Policy

Face Masks are not required for members and employees that have been vaccinated.  All Sand & Steel Employees & Members are vaccinated as of August 9, 2021. Vaccines are required unless you meet the health or religious exceptions.

SSF Clean Air System

Clean Air System – COVID-19 Protection

One of the most important reason people join a gym is so that they can be healthy for their husband or wife.  So they can be strong to help support their parents.  And so they can be alive and healthy to support their children. You should know exactly how your gym is protecting you.  Here is the Sand and Steel 6 Step COVID-19 Protection Plan.

Does Your Gym Need A HEPA FIlter Wide 2

Does Your Gym Need a HEPA Filter

Do you know what kind of filter your gym uses when they vacuum? I’m sure you hope it’s a HEPA filter, but did you even ask?  Do you even really know what a HEPA filter is?  Does it really make a difference?  I boiled down the science, cut through the marketing hype, and assembled an essential overview of the HEPA filter for gyms.  We cover what HEPA Filters are, How they Work, and the Threshold Question, “Does your Gym Really Need One?”

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