Our Pledge to be the Safest, Cleanest Gym in Alexandria

Our operating plan to stay safe and maintain a clean environment for all gym members in Alexandria. Because a cleaner gym, is a healthier gym.

Social Distancing
at Sand & Steel

  1. New Equipment. We are buying 6 new fitness stations to spread out members in our gym in Alexandria.
  2. Rotating start times.  We have revised our personal training start times to occur every 15 minutes.  This helps prevent clustering of members at the end of classes.
  3. Senior Hour. Any person in a high risk group, such as seniors, may train at 3:00pm.  Gym is closed to members under 55 at 3PM.

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Supplies for our Alexandria Gym

We invested thousands of dollars to help ensure you have the cleanest gym in Alexandria.

  1. a commercial fogger to allow to spray disinfectant on all surfaces
  2. 550 Gallons of Mat Pro and Simple Green D commercial cleaner and disinfectant.
  3. a commercial floor sprayer to allow us to clean and disinfect areas of sweat.
  4. an industrial grade floor to blow out all of the air out of the gym in the evening through our garage door.
  5. a Dyson vacuum to remove hair and dead skin.
Promise Gym Alexandria

A Decade of Being Obsessed with Being Clean

Cleaner is better. Paul explains to USA9 News, “Even before we had the COVID-19 virus, Sand and Steel implemented a leave no trace policy when it comes to cleaning.  Sand & Steel is not just my business, it’s my Alexandria gym as well.  And I do not want to work in a dirty gym.  Through working together, we can do better for each other.  So let’s step-up and keep our gym safe for everyone.

No Street Shoes Policy.  Since 2015, Sand and Steel has not allowed members to train with their street shoes.  All members are required to have CrossFit, powerlifting, yoga socks, or train barefoot.  This keeps the dirt and harmful bacteria off the mats and your hands.

Sand & Steel has always (and sometimes controversially) enforced it’s no sick symptoms policy.  If you have any cold-symptoms at all, you will not be permitted to train at our gym in Alexandria.  The only exception is a doctor’s note stating that you are not contagious.  We have to consider the health of all our employees and other members.   Working out is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting sick in the place you go to become healthy.

The Cleanest Gym In Alexandria VA

Five years of Reviews on Yelp tells us many things.  People care about service, customization, and pricing.  But people also care about having a clean environment to workout. 

45 Pound Weight Loss
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My health and fitness journey started back last year when I lost 45lbs. I lost weight by doing cardio/running alone but after I got married, I quickly gained back the weight that I lost due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. After listening to a couple of podcast shows, I finally told myself that I needed professional help in order to stay fit. I wanted to get back in shape again so badly but I also wanted to feel strong at the same time. I went to Yelp did a search for personal training and that's when I discovered Sand and Steel. Sand and Steel Fitness is located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. The staff from Sand and Steel is dedicated to ensuring that you meet your health and fitness goals in life. I started my fitness benchmark late July and I recently started doing my full workout sessions twice a week with coach Brennen. The gym itself is nice and clean which a plus. The equipment that they have in the facility is top notch quality. The coaches are friendly and accomodating to its customers. As of right now, I'm really happy with the results since joining Sand and Steel. Not only that I'm losing weight but I'm also getting strong each time I do my workout session. I also have more energy and focus which is a plus. This resulted in increased productivity on my day job as an IT engineer. To me, this is an easy 5-stars. Big thanks to the Sand and Steel staff. You guys rock!
Great Gym For Seniors
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I was visiting family from out of town and wanted to try out a fitness class while in Alexandria. I couldn't have been happier with Sand & Steel Fitness!! I haven't worked out in a very long time, and three instructors tailored the class routines for me. They were gracious and kind and were very sensitive to my particular weaknesses. I only wish I lived closeer. I would definitely continue there and get involved in their personal training. Also a very clean place!
Rob G
Rob G
Super Clean Gym
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I was referred to Sand and Steel when I stayed at the Morrison House,across the street. When I gave Dawn the day pass she was happy to have me work out and showed me the spaces, upstairs and down on the fist level. Today was my Bi's and Tri's and I found enough gear to improvise every exercise I wanted to do. The gym is clean, clean, clean. Down on the floor to do push-ups and planks, I didn't feel any grit at all. Upstairs I did tri's with a fifty # dumbbell and getting it over my shoulder I brushed my shirt, but didn't leave a mark. The weights were racked and organized so I didn't have to search for anything and slow my workout down. Finishing up with dips on the bench down stairs, I was impressed with how solid it was. All of the equipment I used was industrial strength, and very high quality. They missed five stars for me only because I am not familiar with Crossfit or TRX. But, I'll come back, and maybe learn something about their workouts.
Nicole M
Nicole M
Clean Gym For CrossFit
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I won a drawing for a free group fitness class here. I took the crossfit 1 class and it was great- I'll definitely be back for more! They keep the class sizes small and were great about working with everyone's individual injuries/limitations to make sure that everyone was using correct form and being safe. It was really more like a semi-private training session than a group fitness class. The gym itself is really nice and clean and has all of the state of the art equipment you could want. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the boxing equipment and the bouldering wall soon!

Hope’s review (see Yelp link below) has the distinction of being one of the longest, most in depth reviews we have read for any business.  If you want to learn more about her experience as a member for a year, click the link to read her story.

A Cleaner Gym in Alexandria Starts With You

  1. Every Sand & Steel member will get two professional quality, sweat-wicking sports towels for free with their membership.
  2. All restrooms and changing rooms are equipped with cleaning supplies.  Help us clean as you go.
  3. All members are required to wash their hands before and after training.
  4. We have paper towels and Simple Green D for every training station.
  5. We have Purell Dispensers through the gym — use it.
  6. We check all members temperature with a “no- contact” forehead thermometer
  7. You will need to sign a “no-symptoms” certification each and every time you enter our gym in Alexandria.
  8. If you want to use a gym mat, please bring your own mats to the gym.
Virginia Phase 2 Guidelines

Virginia Phase 2 Guidelines

There are Virginia Guidelines to minimize the risk of transfer of COVID-19. Review them, because maintaining a safer, cleaner gym will only happen when we all work together. As Alexandria, VA issues guidelines for gyms, we will include them.

A Cleaner Gym From the Foundation

  1. We have a brand new state-of-the-art HVAC System.
  2. We have individual restrooms and changing rooms.
  3. Sand & Steel will keep electronic control of entrances to enforce occupancy limits.
  4. Our scheduling software prevent overcrowding and ensures compliance with all occupancy limits.
  5. All Open Gym Members need to sign-in and reserve their times.  Open gym will be capped at 10 people per hour.
  6. Small Group Classes: Initial Class Caps will be 3-6 people per class.  

SSF Cleaning Policies

COVID-19 Gym Alexandria Policies

  1. All employees with have masks and gloves to keep you safe.
  2. All employees will maintain a distance of 10 feet from clients.
  3. Only equipment that can thoroughly cleaned will be used.  E.g. no ropes or sandbags for the time-being.
  4. All employees will have their temperature checked daily.
  5. All employees are required to complete a Daily Monitoring Log for potential COVID-19 symptoms.  We have also developed a plan based on the CDC model of how employees will handle any symptoms.
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