Starting a Nutrition Program

Is Nutrition Coaching Right For Me?

Nutrition is especially important if your goals are to:

  • Lose Weight,
  • Increase Muscle Volume (Hypertrophy),
  • Reduce Chronic Fatigue,
  • Decrease Post-Workout Soreness, or
  • Reduce Inflammation Levels.

If you eat better, you are going to feel better. It really is that simple.

Travelling on a Diet?

Tip 1) Have a nutrition plan and a workout plan before you leave for your trip. For example, I schedule a meeting with my clients to search out all the local restaurants and find the ones with the healthiest menus. Look for Chinese Restaurants (and get your food steamed with the sauce on the side), Vegetarian Restaurants, Salad Places, and Restaurants that served grilled fish.

What can I expect in a nutrition session?

We are going to:

  • Go over your nutrition journal,
  • Write you a meal plan,
  • Build you a food shopping list,
  • Find you a meal delivery service (if you want one),
  • Find you local restaurants that are good match for your diet,
  • Determine which 2-3 changes we are going to make this week on your diet.

Why only 2-3 Changes at Time?

Research has shown that when you systemically improve a client’s eating patterns and habits, they are more likely to keep them. Only through systematically changing eating patterns can we see which elements you need to change and which ones you don’t. When it comes to nutrition, we are not all created equal. Client A can eat toast with their breakfast, but client B shouldn’t eat toast at all. You have a unique metabolism, unique food tolerances, and individual food tastes. A custom diet is the only diet that you are going to stick to.

PROTIP: For clients who taking meal planning very seriously, I recommend they travel with an electric burner and backpacking style frying pan. This way you can heat foods without the soggy microwave effect.  Amp-up this system by having your meals (like Hungry Root, Megafit, etc.) delivered to your hotel.

How do I purchase a Nutrition Session?

Simple, you can buy your session right here. They are priced at $85 each when you buy 2 or more sessions. You can also buy them through the user portal.

How do I reserve a Nutrition Session?

You can reserve your nutrition session through email. Just pick a time that Paul is available, and ask to book your nutrition session. Or ask Dawn or Paul in person. It’s really that simple.

Should I bring anything to the session?

You will find a section in “Preparing for Nutrition Coaching” that provides you with suggestions on what to bring. It’s not required, but it’s certainly helpful.

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