Med-Ball Clean Wheel

Med-Ball Clean Wheel

Featured workout at:

Sand & Steel Fitness, Alexandria VA 22314 on January 24, 2015.

Main workout programming courtesy of CrossFit.



Excellent Scalable Workout

Hits almost all muscle groups.

Dominant groups: Pull, Push, Squat

Notable: teaches the clean technique.


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Medball clean:

  • (scale with weight)

Rings dips:

  • Scale up: muscle up, weight vest
  • Scale down: dip bar, band assisted, parallete, bench dips)


  • Scale up: chest to bar, bar muscle up, weight vest
  • Scale down: Jumping pullups, hanging pullup bar (lower the bar), band assisted pullups


  • Scale up: decline pushups, suspended pushups, bench press, parallete pushup, plyo pushup, sandbell pushup, ball pushup
  • Scale down – Trx pushups, knee pushups, bench pushups)


20 Minutes to do:
30 Medball cleans 20 pounds

30 Ring Dips

30 Medball Cleans

30 Pullups

30 Medball cleans

30 Pushups

30 Medball Cleans

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