Medicine Ball Workout

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Don’t have a kettle bell to workout with? — No Problem

Medicine Ball are almost ubiquitous and can make for great calorie burning workouts.  Here’s a sample workout you can do in about 30 minutes.

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4-6 Rounds — try to take 15 seconds off your round time each time.

  • Medicine Ball Turkish Get-up – 8 each side
  • Medicine Ball Rolling Push-ups – 20
  • Medicine Ball Crunches – 20
  • Medicine Ball Russian Twists – 20
  • Medicine Ball Hanging Leg Lifts 15
  • Medicine Ball Overhead Walking Lunges 15 each side
  • Medicine Ball Squat Jumps 20
  • 1 Minute Rest

 Always remember to warm up thoroughly before exercising. Adjust reps & rest time to your fitness level.

If you don’t how to do any of these moves, drop us a comment and we’ll post a link to the video.  Or check out our video library.

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Medicine Ball Workout

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