Tips on Bodybuilding in Old Town Alexandria, VA

Making a commitment to your bodybuilding routine is crucial to seeing results, but there may be other issues stopping your body from progressing in the right direction. The trainers at Sand & Steel Fitness are the experts in bodybuilding around Old Town Alexandria and would love to give you some tips on how to continue your bodybuilding journey.

Bodybuilding Diet

Bodybuilding diets generally feature low glycemic carbs, lean protein sources, and ample amounts of vegetables.  Gaining muscle requires carbohydrates, but high sugar based carbs tend to add more body fat than anything else.  Sample starches include brown rice and sweet potatoes.  Eating Protein and healthy fats alone often lead to kidney problems and lack of energy.

Adequate Rest Periods

Understanding how long to rest between sets, between exercises, between workouts is a critical part of the bodybuilder routine.  We teach a tiered system at Sand & Steel, gradually adding volume as your recovery speed increases.   We also build out bodybuilding programs so that you’ll be able to continue your muscle growth programming at your home gym (or Gold’s, 24Hours Fitness, etc.) when you can’t work with your personal trainer.

How Much Weight is Too Much

Time under tension is a critical part of creating the necessary muscle hypoxia to cause the body to generate additional muscle fibers.  In contrast to powerlifting, bodybuilding generates incorporates high volumes of open chain exercises.  Sculpting/toning programs take this openchain exercise principle a step further by repeating high number of sets (7-10 sets generally.)

Bodybuilding takes hard work and dedication as well as the knowledge to achieve it.  Learn more about our bodybuilding programs in Old Town Alexandria.  We can build you a custom program designed for your fitness level.

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Paul Roberts: Personal Training, Mobility, Yoga, Nutrition

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BioMedical Engineering - Johns Hopkins University.
Juris Doctorate - Rutgers.
Yoga, M|WOD, CrossFit Level II, 3DMAPS, FMT, FMSII, YBT, RKC, TRX, PN.

Paul has trained over 3000 clients and more than a 100 personal trainers over his 10 years as a mobility and strength coach.  He emphasizes safety and corrective exercises in all programming (strength, weight loss, conditioning, etc.)  His practice focuses on improving flawed movement patterns to prevent injury and improve skeletal-muscular function.  Paul employs a balanced approach in training utilizing his training Yoga, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Movement Courses to systematically strengthen weakened muscles and mobilize joints and muscle tissue.  Move Better ... Train Better.

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