Transformation Story Luis

Most Improved Athlete April

We wanted to congratulate Luis on building amazing strength in ground breaking time.  Barbell clean weight up 75% in 4 weeks.  Luis completed one of our must challenging beginner programs.  Congratulations Luis!

Transformation Story – Luis

Most Improved Athlete in February-April

Luis has completed our Everyday Strength program — mastering complex techniques like the Barbell Clean.  He has lost 10 pounds and 4 pounds of muscle in about 2.5 months.

Get Paid to Workout?

Yup, Luis just got paid!  Here’s his $25 gift certificate code.  Luis, the coupon is in your account.

Sand and Steel Gift Card 25

I started at Sand and Steel a month and a half ago and I am already seeing the results. First, with Paul’s nutrition sessions, I have been able to adjust some of my meals and become more conscious of the things I should not eat. This has led me to lose the pounds I need, in order to try some of the suits that I used to wear and haven’t done in a very long time. Second, I also feel stronger. I have gained some muscle weight. Each session is intense and it’s never boring. I feel like I am learning a lot of things every time I go there, with the different types of exercises. I am very pleased with program Paul has created for me because it is helping me achieve my fitness goals. I am very happy with all the staff I have had the opportunity to work with so far, from Paul, Dawn, Brian, and Santos. They have all been wonderful to work with and I am very motivated to continue going there and seeing more great results. I definitely recommend anyone who’s looking to work with a great group of professionals like the ones found at Sand and Steel Fitness.Luis Jara on Yelp

Luis’s Favorite Workout on Everyday Strength

WOD 41 – Stone Wall

4 Rounds – Strength and Core

  • 12 x heavy squat clean (Rx is 105)
  • 40 Step KB Walking Lunge (Rx is 35)
  • 20 GHD Situps

4 Rounds – Conditioning and Recovery Speed

  • 60 second plank and 60 second walk squats (no rest)

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