TRX Low Row: Exercise Tips

The TRX Low Row is an excellent conditioning exercise for building strength for pullups and improving overall rowing mechanics.  Coach Cindy provides a complete breakdown on how its done.

TRX Low Row Setup

Name: TRX Low Row
Adjustment: Mid-Height on Straps
Position: Standing Facing Anchor Point
Start: Arm Straight Leaning Back
Movement: Pull your body forwards maintaining a plank
Return: Relax arms to move back to start.

YouTube video

TRX Low Row Video

Key Performance Points for the Low Row

  • Maintain tension on straps at all times.  No Slack, from the 7 Seven Deadly TRX Sins.
  • Maintain hips in extension the whole time.  No Sagging, from the 7 Seven Deadly TRX Sins.

Programming For the TRX Low Row

Suggested volume in a workout is usually sets of 40-100 reps.  If the workout is done for time, intervals of 2-4 minutes for the TRX Low Row are Common.

Scaling the TRX Low Row

  • Make the Low Row Harder: Walk towards the anchor point (increasing the vector).
  • Make the Low Row Easier: Walking away from the anchor point (decrease the vector).


TRX Low Infographic

TRX Low Row Infographic
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