Warrior II – Yoga Pose Guide

Coach Ira provides tips and techniques on how to master the Warrior II yoga pose.  Find expert tips on modifications and common mistakes.

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II in Sanskrit) is one of the most common poses in today’s yoga classes, also in our FireFlow series at Sand and Steel Fitness. It is a standing pose that simultaneously builds strength and flexibility. Because this yoga pose is practiced so frequently, it is especially important to perform it correctly, so you can keep your body safe. In this video Ira will explain correct alignment, the most common mistakes to avoid, and modifications for Warrior II.

If you missed Coach Ira’s last blog post on how to master Warrior I, you can find it here: Warrior I – Yoga Pose Guide

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Correct Alignment for Warrior II:

  • Front heel and back arch are in one line
  • Back foot is turned out 90 degrees
  • Sink deep into front knee
  • Front thigh seeks to be parallel to the mat
  • Front knee is in line with your toes
  • Arms are strong and parallel to the mat
  • Shoulders are away from the ears
  • Look over your fingers towards the front
  • Head in line with heart, heart in line with pelvis
  • Tuck pelvis in slightly

Most Common Mistakes:

  • Knee collapses towards midline (will hurt knee)
  • Back heel misaligned (can hurt knee, pelvis, hips)
  • Hinge forward (too much pressure on lower back, not good for your posture)


  • Shorter stance to lower impact
  • Bring hands to hard center if your arms become too heavy

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