We are One People Working Together To Forge a Healthier Virginia

We are One People Working Together To Forge a Healthier Virginia

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#PositiveBodyImage #LGBTQ #WomensRights #Nerds #Seniors #Blacklivesmatter #Military

Train in a Safe Environment. Today when we think about safety in a gym, we are thinking about masks and cleaners.  We are thinking about social distancing, HVAC filtration, and ionization filters. But there is another kind of safety that we wanted to talk about today.  And it is the safety to train in a judgement free environment.  Sand & Steel is a community that celebrates diversity and equal rights for all minorities.

Welcome Here

Sand & Steel welcomes all people committed to building a stronger and healthier Virginia. 


Normalize Normal Bodies.   We think strength, conditioning & mobility are the three most important elements to fitness.  We know the key to improving your appearance comes from having love for yourself from within.  So if you want to get strong, let's do some powerlifting.  If you want to lose weight, we pour on the conditioning. And if you just want to be more flexible and have less pain, let's focus on mobility.  Beauty comes in every shape and size, but what we all share is a passion to be our very best.


All Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Trans, and Questioning members are welcome at Sand & Steel.  We proudly hire Gay, Lesbian, and Trans coaches.  Gyms need to be a place where you can express yourself.  We celebrate the monumental Supreme Court decision this June finally recognizing that 1964 Civil Rights should to LGBT rights.


The free weights section of the gym used to be a mans world. Women were told not to lift weights because we were weak, or worse, we would get these things called muscles that would make us look manly. In some gyms, we were even given our own gender labeled section.

In big gyms, you know, the ones with all the machines, you’ll find most women in the classes because that’s where they feel comfortable. Working out with other women so they don’t get unwanted get comments and stares. You won’t find this at our gym.

Our Coaches are diverse, kind, and respectful. Programs are designed for goals, not gender. Our clients are here to get healthier and stronger. We don’t care what you look like, we don’t even have any mirrors.

Our free weights section is the entire gym, and we intentionally purchase equipment that women want to use, like specialized lifting bars and many items from Brett Contreras line of strength equipment. 55% of our members are women and we are proud to support their fitness goals.

Sand & Steel is a Woman-Owned Small Business.

#IAmStrong #WomanStrong #girlsthatlift #crossfitgirls


Nerds face bullying and bigotry their whole lives in the gym.  Growing up I saw this constantly.  While I am by all definitions a nerd, I didn't experience a lot of this bullying myself.  I have always loved the gym.  I could always out bench and out squat any the jocks who would have been my bullies.  But I saw many of friends getting bullied.  And so I taught them how to lift properly based on what I knew in back in high school and college.  It's amazing how much you think you know when you are 20 :-).

It's hard for nerds, who are usually good at their hobbies, to get started with powerlifting or CrossFit, because they won't be good at it.  It brings back flashes of the psychological tortures of not fitting in high school.  Well, I'm happy tell you that you can stop worrying.  All you find at Sand & Steel is support and reassurance for me and our coaches.  And it's OK if you are not good at CrossFit.  It's OK if you don't know how to use a TRX or swing a kettlebell.  Because, I am going to teach you how to get strong. 

And after class, if you want to chat about Star Trek or join me on a hunt in Monster Hunter World 🎮, I always game for that. 

- Paul Roberts, Owner & 100% Nerd


While the Military doesn’t usually face many prejudices in the gym (at least not the gym I have been too), we understand that some veterans have special needs.  From challenges like PTSD to complex injuries, training as a veteran can be challenging.  We have worked with over a thousands members of all 3 branches, plus FBI & CIA Agents.  We built our a special Armed Forces training program based on the ACFT.  In classes, Paul know which members he can push harder than others.  If there is one thing that all members of the Armed Forces have in common, they are mentally tougher than the average citizen.  So we are going to stay on you, because we know you can take it.  But at the same time, we will make sure you stay safe.  Because all of the mental toughness in the world won’t save you from injuries that stem from poor biomechanics and improper form.


Sand & Steel has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of racism or discrimination from their coaches or from their members.  If you ever encounter any form of negative treatment based race, religion, ethnicity, please come to speak to Dawn or Paul.  We know that bringing these kinds of matters forward is difficult.  And we promise you, we will take care of it immediately.


A CrossFit gym that is safe for Seniors?  Yes. We have senior hours from 3-5 and literal armada of equipment designed for seniors such as balance trainers, grip trainers, exercise tubes, and more.  Paul is a certified Functional Aging Specialist.  Paul and Coach Max oversee the senior training plan at Sand & Steel.  We will keep you safe and feeling young for years to come.

We are One People Working Together To Forge a Healthier Virginia

#PositiveBodyImage #LGBTQ #WomensRights #Nerds #Seniors #Blacklivesmatter #Military

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