Wrist Injury: Treating Wrist Pain in the Radial Carpi Ulnaris

Wrist Injury: Treating Pain in the Radial Carpi Ulnaris.  A Full Treatment Protocol: Workouts, Corrective Exercises, Flossing, Scraping, + More

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So you have some Wrist Pain and you Still Want to Workout?

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So here is an exercise workout program I created to help you with that. You can see that I am wearing the Gangsta Wraps. No Mark Bell didn’t sponsor this, but they are helping me a lot. Keeping my wrist stable and allow to exercise. That might work for you. My Wrist injury is hand abduction and that is what is bothering me. This kind of locks me in place a little more. It’s been helping me, maybe it’ll help you. We have 5 exercises in the workout today. We are going to demo all of them and give you some points of performance.

Kneeling Belt Squat - Exercise for Wrist Pain
Kneeling Belt Squat – Exercise for Wrist Pain

So these are kneeling Squats. I am using a dip belt, it’s Rogue’s Dip Belt in case you want to know which one I am using. And the way it works you put it on your waist. Typically I recommend 20-30 reps, it’s getting glutes on top. And Quads to slow you down. Do about 30 maybe even 40 reps with it. If you are squatting close to 300, maybe think 80-100 pounds cable resistance for your weights.

Valslide Hamstring Curl - Exercises for People with Wrist Pain
Valslide Hamstring Curl – Exercises for People with Wrist Pain

So the next exercise is hamstring curls with the furniture movers. I like these big 5 inch ones they are easier to manage. So you just put your heels on here. I have a dumbbell behind me. That’s optional, but I find it helps a lot with bracing. So you basically lift your butt up, and then we bring both heels together and push out keeping the butt elevated. It’s a great correctional for the hamstrings. And if you are working on an injury like I am with my wrist, doing a little correctional exercise on some of the other places is a great time to get that work in. Since I can’t do some of my favorite exercises until my wrist heals.

Dumbbell Swiss Ball Wall Squat - Wrist Pain
Dumbbell Swiss Ball Wall Squat – Wrist Pain

So I am going to demonstrate how to do a wall squat with dumbbells. Dumbbells themselves are going to be difficult on my wrist. But there are some techniques to make it easier so it doesn’t bother you. Every wrist injury is different. So make sure it’s not creating any pain on your wrist. So the first thing we need to do is to get into the wall squat position. So the position where the ball is right on our pelvis. This is where you start. Then you basically turn around. And so the ball is kind of centered on my coccyx… right where my belt would be. With my weak hand, I am going to get this one loaded first, which is where it bothers me. So I am going to choose my good hand, brace, pull all the way up. I am able to hold here without any pain. So this is the way I am going to hold it. I can also hold it on the bottom. I am just going to come down on the other side. Curl that one up, and I have a wall squat.

Dumbbell Front Squat with Dumbbell - Therapy for People with Wrist Pain
Dumbbell Front Squat with Dumbbell – Therapy for People with Wrist Pain

This one is good for me. But it still might bother your wrist. Another modification might be to do a front squat position. And here we are just pushing the sides to kind of create our squatting position. So I am not really resting, I am pushing on the edges of the dumbbell. And now I have a front squat. If the exercise irritates your wrist, you have to change to the position of what you are holding. Cause irritation is a sign you are doing something wrong when you have that injury. And that’s the Swiss ball squat.

Another great thing to do when you have an injury is a cardio type of exercise like our spin bike here. Since I am doing it with strength training… I don’t to sit here in like cruise level. I wanna increase my resistance and increase my speed. So that 2 minutes is really hard. Like my heart rate should be 160 / 180. Non-sustainable like a 400m dash difficultly. And that is the same energy system that our weight training works. This allows the exercises to work cumulatively. This exercise builds a lot of quadriceps and hamstrings. Thanks for joining us. I hope this video was helpful for you. If you have any other injuries that need some workouts. Hit us up on Youtube or Instagram. Thanks!

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Should you need to see a surgeon, check out Touch of Health for wrist arthroscopy.

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